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    Instagrammable Places In Mumbai For An Aesthetic Feed

    Mumbai is home to a number of amazing places that are just perfect for your Instagram feed. Read on to know the most worthy places among them.
    Published -24 Oct 2021, 12:40 ISTUpdated -24 Oct 2021, 13:00 IST
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    Mumbai is a fascinating city full of talents, and it is home to various attractive places that are perfect for creating a stunning backdrop for your photoshoot which will turn your Instagram feed aesthetic.  If you're looking for both cute and dramatic instagrammable locations, you've come to the perfect place because we've got you covered.

    1. Ballard Estate

    ballard estate

    (source: wikipedia)

    Pastel shade buildings, vintage retro bus stop, European styled architecture combine together to make Ballard Estate a terrific instagrammable place. The British designed this place with a want of a place that resembled Victorian London but with the luxury of a tropical climate. The place looks extremely pleasurable, making it worthy of numerous photoshoots for instagram.

    2. Horniman Circle


    (source: livemint)

    Horniman Circle is one of the city's oldest treasures, right in the middle of south Mumbai. This place is notable for its intricate structure, which is finely detailed and built in a vintage style. Witness an aesthetically pleasing sight of the structure from any angle and be astonished. The place looks very attractive, which will make your photos even more aesthetic.

    3. Chapel Road, Bandra

    chapel road


    Bandra has lanes splashed with street art graffiti. Visit Chapel Road to see some extremely fascinating graffiti in the bylanes of the road. It has various arts. A tribute to  Bollywood actress Sridevi was added here recently. A graffiti of Anarkali is one of the most Instagrammable walls here. Use them as a backdrop and take some spectacular photos.

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    4. Rajabai Clock Tower

    The Clock Tower, also known as the Rajabai Clock Tower in South Mumbai, is a huge building that has stood for centuries now.It stands out and above from the rest of Mumbai's attractions. It stands tall and robust in front of a garden that is visible from the street. So, awaken your inner photographer and head out to this incredible spot to get some wonderful pictures.

    5. The Pink Trumpet Stretch At Vikhroli

    Ask your rickshaw driver to take you through the Vikhroli stretch of the Eastern Express Highway and get surprised  to see the place filled with Pink Trumpet trees. They look similar to Japanese cherry blossoms and work as a stunning instagrammable place.

    6. Marine Drive

    Marine drive is an ideal choice for a great photo shoot. Here, you get an unfiltered view of the ocean which makes for an excellent backdrop. Visit the location early in the morning for the greatest aesthetic look, and be delighted by stunning photographs.

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    7. The Gateway of India

    Talking about picturesque places in Mumbai and missing out Gateway of India from the list is just not possible. Gateway of India is a marvelous piece of architecture that deserves a place in your Instagram feed, especially if you're visiting Mumbai for the first time. The best time to take pictures here is early in the morning; otherwise, you'll have to contend with huge crowds which will make the task of getting perfect pictures difficult.

    These are the beautiful photogenic places which will absolutely enhance the look of your aesthetic instagram feed. Click pictures and show off to your followers.

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