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    Delightful Street Food Cuisines You Must Try In Mumbai

    Try the delightful street cuisines of Mumbai for an incredible experience of the city.
    Published -20 Oct 2021, 12:52 ISTUpdated -20 Oct 2021, 13:15 IST
    mumbai street cuisine

    The city that never sleeps, Mumbai offers some of the most tantalizing food delights which you can locate at food stalls in literally every corner of the city and almost all the time. Mumbai boasts of numerous affordable food bites that you must not miss while visiting the city, especially if you're a foodie! Get the most out of the visit with these delicious food delights in the city.

    1. Sev Puri

    A delicious chaat of sev puri is one of the most loved foods of Mumbai. Made with crisp fried puris and loaded with crispy onions, boiled potatoes, three types of chutneys- tamarind, chili and garlic. It is then topped with lots of sev, which gives a crunchy twist and delightful taste. It can be seasoned with raw mangoes, chaat masala and a hint of lemon, which enhances the taste even more.

    2. Bhel Puri

    bhel puri

    I know the Bhel puris are available everywhere but the taste of Mumbai's bhel puri is nothing like anywhere else. Made with puffed rice and mixed with veggies like potato and onions, and lots of delicious chutneys, it will give you flavour that you'll always love. To try this tasty treat, just go to any beach in Mumbai and you'll spot many bhel puri stalls. Just go to them and get the bhel puri.

    3. Misal Pav

    misal pav

    Nobody can visit Mumbai without having a taste of Misal Pav. This is a humble Mumbai delight that you'll get at every nook and corner of the city. It is served as a spicy gravy, made with sprouted moth beans and is topped with potato chivda mix, farsan or sev, onions, lemon and coriander. This misal is served along with pav slathered with butter.

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    4. Ragda Pattice

    Made up of yellow peas, potatoes, and various Indian spices, Ragda Pattice which is also called Ragda Patties is a popular street food in Mumbai. The pattice is laced with ragda and garnished with onions, coriander and spicy chutneys and gives an absolutely incredible taste. 

    5. Kanda Bhaji

    Kanda Bhaji is a Bomaby style onion pakoda which is especially enjoyed during rains along with a hot cup of chai or coffee. They are made in a batter of gram flour and various spices and lots of onions and every bite tastes like a delight.

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    6. Pani Puri

    The pani puri of Mumbai is a whole experience which all should have. The yummy taste of pani puri is so satisfying that you'll always come for more. You can spot the pani puri walas in many corners of the city who will serve you the best taste.

    7. Vada Pav

    vada pav

    Talking about Mumbai street food and missing out vada pav from the list is just not possible. It is Mumbai's most favourite quick snack which brings happiness to every Mumbaikar. Served as a bread bun with a deep fried potato dumpling in between, Vada Pav is a must try during your visit.

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