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    Here Is Your Guide To Store Ghee In The Right Way

    Ghee has a long shelf life as compared to regular butter and these tips can be really helpful in storing it right. 
    Updated at - 2021-06-04,13:35 IST
    tips to store ghee

    Ghee or clarified butter is one of the most used food items we use in our kitchens. From adding it to your different curry preparations to filling it in our parathas, we use ghee in so many different ways. Other than adding great flavour to our different food preparations, ghee is also consumed for its amazing health benefits. 

    A lot of people usually buy ghee in large quantities as it is used on a regular basis. However, if not stored properly, one can end up spoiling it all. As we all know, ghee isn't that inexpensive and we must be taking great care of it after we get it home. So, here are a few tips which would help you store ghee in the right way. 

    If you just got the ghee from the market and wish to use it for long then keep the jar or container in a dark and cool cabinet. If stored this way, it can be kept for about a year. 

    Another way is storing the ghee in a plastic or glass container, any material which is freezer friendly. Pour all the ghee in the box and freeze it. This will make your ghee last for longer. This is a great option if you have purchased ghee in bulk. Make sure you mention the date of storage on the box. Whenever you wish to use this ghee, make sure you defrost the container and check the quality of the ghee before using it. 

    ghee storing

    When storing ghee in a container, make sure that it doesn't have any moisture or it can spoil the ghee. 

    When taking out ghee from the container, make sure you use a clean and dry spoon.

    Always keep the ghee container away from direct sunlight. 

    Ghee lasts for longer when stored in airtight containers. 

    Never place the ghee box next to your stove. It should always be stored around a place which is steam free or it can get spoiled. 

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    Storage Tips For Homemade Ghee

    ghee storage tips kitchen

    If you prepare ghee at home then you must know that it can't be used for more than 3 months. This ghee can be stored in a clean jar. Always close the jar with a lid to prevent dirt or dust to enter it. Keep this jar in a cabinet in the kitchen, in a dark and cool place. If you don't wish to store it for long and use it on regular basis then you can keep it in the fridge.       

    Make sure that you keep your container in a place that is away from water or it can spoil the ghee.

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    Some Quick Tips:

    quick tips for ghee storage

    If kept at room temperature, ghee can be used for a period of 6 months. If you wish to store it for longer then you can freeze it. This will help you store it for longer. 

    When buying the ghee from the store, make sure you check the best before the date of the ghee before buying it. If the ghee tastes sour then you should discard it right away. Ghee is great for your health. It is an ideal option for those who are lactose intolerant. It is lactose-free and really healthy. A lot of nutritionists suggest adding ghee to our daily diet for its amazing benefits. If you are preparing it at home or getting ghee from the market then make sure the storage is done correctly.

    We hope these tips help you store the ghee safely and for longer. For more such kitchen tips, stay tuned.

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