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    These Butter Hacks Will Make Your Cooking A Lot More Easier

    If you use butter in your food preparation regularly then these tips and hack will make your work super easy.
    Updated at - 2020-09-15,16:49 IST
    butter cooking tips

    Butter is one of the most commonly used ingredients in our kitchen. A dollop of butter can transform any of your food preparations. It is indeed an ingredient that can make or break any dish. However, using regular butter can become a lot easier in your kitchens if you know some simple butter hacks and tips. Scroll down to know.

    Easy Hacks To Soften Butter 

    soften butter hacks

    Frozen butter makes it all so difficult. Softening it naturally takes a lot of time and many don't prefer melting it in a microwave. So, an easy way to soften your butter quickly is by trying the heated glass hack. How to do it? Pour a glass of water in a glass and microwave it or keep a glass under running hot water. Dry the glass quickly and then set it over the butter. The hot, steamy glass will soften the butter quickly. 

    Another easy way is to take the butter brick and cut it into small cubes. Small cubes are easy to melt and easy to use as well. If you top your parathas or bread slices with butter on a regular basis then keeping butter cubes in the box is always a good option.

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    Butter For Baking

    grated butter for baking

    Butter is commonly used in baking items like biscuits, cake crusts, and pies. For baking, butter is used in a frozen form. However, you must have noticed that during the process, if the butter melts, it spoils the entire process. An easy way to prevent it from melting while you are baking is by grating butter into shreds. 

    Butter To Thicken Gravies

    It gets so difficult to achieve that restaurant-like thick consistency when it comes to preparing gravies at home. Adding some frozen butter to the gravy or soup can instantly thicken it and also give your dish a very glossy look. If you don't want cream layers to form on your sauce then top it with some melted butter. 

    Turning Melted Butter Back To Solid

    melted butter

    Another kitchen struggle is turning your melted butter back to solid. An easy way to do it is by placing the butter bowl on a big bowl filled with ice and water. This easy hack brings back the butter in solid form. 

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    Preventing The Butter From Burning

    The temperature you are cooking at plays a key role or you can end up burning half of your food items. Burning butter is one of the most common mistakes we all make. An easy way to prevent the butter from burning is by mixing butter with some olive oil or any other cooking oil. 

    Prepare Flavoured Butter

    flavoured butter

    Wonder what butter do bakers and restaurant owners use that turn regular sandwiches so delicious? They commonly use flavoured butter which is available in the market. However, instead of buying it, you can prepare flavoured butter at home easily with a few ingredients. All you need to do is add your favourite seasoning to the butter and mix it with melted butter. For instance, to prepare garlic and herbs flavoured butter, you need to add chopped garlic and herbs to your butter. It is best to use unsalted butter while preparing these flavoured versions as salted butter can overpower the flavours. 


    Butter is a great addition to any dish. We hope this guide helps you use it smartly next time. For more such cooking hacks, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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