While you may not consider the monsoon season as a good time to travel, there are a lot of places across the country that are worth visiting during the monsoon season. We all need a break from our hectic schedules and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer! If you are already planning your monsoon holiday and looking up for places to visit in monsoons then you have landed up on the right page. Here are the best places to visit in India during monsoons:


Round the year, Goa is known as the best party destination of India but it is only during the monsoon season that one can enjoy the serenity of the place. Just sitting by the beach, watching the sunset with some music can give you a break from all that stress. It is also a great time to explore the beautiful churches across South Goa and stroll in the streets of old Goa as the weather remains mostly breezy. 



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No one can deny the beauty of Munnar as it welcomes you with lush tea gardens, stunning waterfalls, and ethereal hills. Munnar becomes a heaven for nature lovers during the monsoon season. De-stress amidst the natural and breathtaking beauty of Munnar this monsoon season.



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This monsoon season, if you want to see the beauty of remote areas and enjoy some peace, Coorg is calling you. This exotic place is located in Karnataka and once you are here, you will not really have enough of it! The beautiful landscape and lush greenery at Coorg make it a great option to be explored during the monsoons.

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Nainital is a great destination to visit during monsoons, especially if you are a nature lover. The beauty of this hill station is truly unmatched during this season. As you walk around the mall road, patchy drizzles will enhance your mood. The numerous attractions to see around Nainital further make it a great vacay option.



What it’s like to enjoy a cup of tea with floating clouds and picturesque sights in view? Well, that is Kodaikanal for you. This hill town in Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful sunsets. Monsoons turn it into an even better place for tourists.


Pushkar is one destination that should be on your bucket list this monsoon season. This beautiful city in Rajasthan promises beautiful experiences that capture the soul of the state. Visit its popular attraction Dargah Sharif in Ajmer, hop on for a camel safari or stroll at the local market in the breezy evenings or just sit by the lake, Ajmer/ Pushkar is all and all a great destination to visit.


Striking views and spectacular blue skies await for you at Ladakh. Ladakh is one of the most popular monsoon tourist attractions in India. Monsoons are a great time to visit Ladakh and enjoy the beauty of the destination via bike rides. As you gear up and explore the destination on your bikes, you are likely to have the best time of your life!

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