Travelling makes a lot of us feel alive. It makes us feel complete. It is our way to escape from the monotony of reality. While people these days are busy choosing between beaches and mountains, have you considered a trip to Jodhpur? 

Making a trip to Rajasthan is pretty common. However, while visiting this huge Indian state, there is one city that you absolutely not miss out on- Jodhpur! 

Why Is Jodhpur Famous

Jodhpur is also known as the blue city of India. In the history of India, Jodhpur was the capital of the kingdom of Marwar. It has some of the most scrumptious meals to offer along with a rich culture and a significant history! When you visit Jodhpur, make sure you take a look at these places. 

Mehrangarh Fort 

mehrangarh fort jodhpur rajasthan

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This fort was constructed as early as the year 1459 and is spread over 1,200 acres. Inside this fort, there are several palaces that are each built with beautiful architectural designs. When you visit this place, be sure to try out their zip lining tour that will take over the two desert lakes and you will like batman making your way through this historical city! An experience you must not miss out on when in Jodhpur!

Bishnoi Village 

bishnoi village safari rajasthan

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A cultural tour to see the true colours of Rajasthan, Bishnoi Village Safari is where you will experience Rajasthan in its true sense. The weavers, potters, and all the local handicrafts will leave you mesmerised. Along with this, you must also try the local food of the village, a taste that you will never forget. If you associate yourself with a good tour guide, you will be taken to the village in a jeep safari with a guide who will tell you all about the culture of the village. If you are lucky enough you, might even spot some blackbucks!  

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Mandore Garden 

mandore gardens jodhpur travel

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When in Jodhpur, you’ve got to visit Mandore Gardens which was built in the 6th century. Located just around 9 kilometers from Jodhpur, you will be surprised to know that this is where Queen Mandodri, the wife of Ravana was born. These gardens are the perfect blend of Rajasthan’s true heritage with a hint of nature! 

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Camel Safari In The Thar Desert 

It is obvious that if you are in Rajasthan, you would want to go on a camel ride. There are a lot of rides offered on the roads as well, but we suggest you take a sunset tour at the Thar Desert. A sunset you will miss for the rest of your life, this camel safari is going to be every bit of adventure and thrill that the wanderlust in you lives for! 

Experience The Opium ceremony

We know you are suddenly alert and yes, by opium we mean exactly what you are thinking. In Rajasthan, there is a ceremony called the Amal Sabha which is a 1,000 years old ceremony in which opium is first offered to Lord Shiva and then offered to the visitors. Women are not allowed in this ceremony. This practice has received a special consent from the government in the name of religious practices. 

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