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    Celebrate New Year's Eve At These Destinations In India

    These cities in India are amazing fore New Year's eve celebrations. This getaway list has something for all so book your trip quickly.
    Updated at - 2020-12-06,11:00 IST
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    The New Year begins in less than a month. The most highly anticipated time of the world's life is here because we all know how 2020 went. The pandemic Covid-19 brought many economies across the globe to a standstill, made so many jobless, frustrated, agitated. The year may have had us confined to our homes for a long time which had families spend time together but it was not welcomed after a while. But now that 2021 is upon us, having positive thoughts must become everyone's priority. People who are battling depression must muster courage and welcome the new year which is bound to bring a change as long as you believe. Enough of the heavy, bring in the new time, ray of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel on New Year's eve with zest and bigger celebrations with your loved ones at these destinations in India and make the most of the time!

    These places are not offbeat but they are well known for their New Year's Eve charm with the perfect backdrop settings. So take a look and visit these places to bring in the New Year. 


    goa new year

    This place is well known for its party scene although it may not be as crazy as it has always been this year, but certain facts remain. The Indian Las Vegas is all about affordable alcohol, amazing seafood and the beaches. Here the New Year celebrations are on the next level as many even celebrate with a pretty fireworks display (not encouraging this but it looks beautiful no doubt), cruises, live music and night parties are a must as well. Listen to amazing music while you chill with your friends with the proper precautions and social distancing norms and welcome the year.


    Snow is beautiful in the winter season. Many of us may not have ever experienced it considering India is widespread and very few states have the luxury to see the white sheets. So if you are that person, you must give it a try and head to Gulmarg, Kashmir and see what you have been missing.

    It is an experience you will never forget. It transports you back to the movies you grew up watching. Take your own music along, if you or a member of your gang can play then nothing can beat that and I suggest carrying your own tandoor if you can. Chill together, make a bonfire and do so in the open with snow around and a clear sky. Heavenly it would be. You can also go skiing in the daytime and take Gandola rides but do check if they are open on the day you plan to go for it. 



    Oh, this town has a vibe you will get addicted to. The beach parties, the lovely roads and long walks, the positivity in the air, bonfire, and the right kind of people around you is the best combination! The streets here generally have people celebrating the entire night and I expect more excitement this year given that we want the New Year to come in quick. Be cautious and follow the safety protocol but do not let that dampen your spirit.

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    The scenery here is classic. This small place in Himachal Pradesh is said to have an enthralling New Year's eve. It makes for an amazing weekend getaway with cafes all lit up and a merry mix of foreigners and Indians from all across the country chill here together. The musician of many comes out and the cozy surroundings envelop you, mesmerising you in the festive times. The cafes here are all affordable and the panoramic view of the mountains is an icing on top. 



    Not a fan of the hills and beaches only? Then this state is the best for celebrations. Although there are many water bodies here, you do not have just the beaches or the mountains to see. The greenery here is impeccable! There are indeed many beach parties here but you can also book a houseboat in Alleppey and have a romantic night. The backwaters will give you memories to cherish always. 

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    In case you just seek the blessings of the gods and want to go for a holy dip or simply be in that zone, then Varanasi is one city that will welcome all.

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    Visit the ghats for some peace, take blessings at the temple, watch the evening aarti which is beautiful and feel the divine vibes when welcoming the New Year.

    So where would you like to go? Do suggest a place where you highly recommend the New Year's Eve is going to be classic.

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