Back in the days, bridal makeup was mostly about applying a base almost two shades lighter than your skin tone, adding a red lipstick, and adoring eyes with kohl. The time has changed, and now there is a series of things that you do to achieve that classy bridal look. 

This also includes wearing contact lenses to make your eyes look extra gorgeous. However, picking a perfect shade of the lenses can turn out to be tricky. While you put extra emphasis on deciding the shade of your foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick, there is no way you should not decide the hue of your eyes for your wedding day. 

Even after looking at several options, you are not able to come to a conclusion, allow us to help. Here are a few options according to different skin complexions. Check them out and pick the perfect contact lenses shade for yourself. 

For Fair Complexion

For Fair Complexion 


If the colour of your eyes are black and you are looking for something that may look give you that dramatic look, grey contact lenses can be an option. This will match your original eye tone, and will also complement prominent eye makeup done using red, gold, black, grey, etc. 

Light Blue

Light blue has to be one of the most used contact lenses. it gives that dreamy look, that most people want to achieve on their big day. If you have a light complexion, the light blue contact lenses will look great on you. No matter if you are going for a subtle or dramatic appearance, a pair of light blue contact lenses will look amazing on you. 

Medium Complexion


Dark Blue

If you are blessed with a medium skin tone, most colours are likely to suit you. But since you want to look nothing less than perfect on your D-day, we suggest you go for dark blue contact lenses. Especially if you have decided to go for a dewy bridal look, the dark blue lenses will add extra glamour. With dark black eyes as the base, the dark blue colour will pop out. 


Very fewer Indians have hazel eyes. But it is something that makes you stand out. You want the same to happen on your big day. Hence, go for hazel contact lenses to further enhance your beauty. Clubbing hazel eyes with simple light makeup can never go wrong. Use more blush pink and orange tones to look like a Goddess. 

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Dark Complexion

Dark Complexion 


If you have a beautiful dark complexion (the art of applying makeup on dusky skin), you can play around with so many options. However, to bring out that sensuous eye appearance, stick to warm colours. One of them can be yellow. Along with golden makeup, the yellow contact lenses will help you to ooze oomph.

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Red & Orange 

Red and orange are also warm colours that will suit your complexion. Pick slightly darker shades so that they can pop out. Stay away from way too dramatic picks like pink or aqua. It may end up looking odd in the photographs (a guide to finding the right photographer for your wedding). 

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