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    Master The Art Of Applying Makeup On Dusky Skin

    A golden rule for dusky women is to never use a foundation lighter than their skin tone. I repeat, NEVER! A lighter shade of foundation can make skin ...
    Published -15 May 2019, 18:23 ISTUpdated -15 May 2019, 19:50 IST
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    Makeup for dusky skin tones can be tricky but with the right technique, dusky skin looks amazing alluring! What’s more, it always manages to turn heads-the right way. Go for these makeup tips and hear everyone go ‘wow’! 

    Start With Exfoliating

    Your skin is capable of becoming the seat of dull and dead cells, and really fast. This natural build up can make you look ashy and listless, even after you apply foundation. The trick is to exfoliate your face on a weekly basis by using a soft, gentle scrub. This weekly regime of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing gives rise to the perfect facial canvas for better makeup results and should be carried out regularly.

    Apply Glowing Base

    dusky makeup base

    Use a golden or champagne liquid highlighter all over your face and then wait a minute or two before starting with your foundation. This will give you a natural and dewy look.

    Pick The Precise Foundation Shade

    Number one golden rule for dusky women is to never use a foundation lighter than their skin tone. A lighter shade of foundation can make skin look grayish and dull. Take a little effort and match the foundation perfectly with your skin tone. This will create a seamless and natural finish canvas for the makeup. 

    Never, I Repeat, Never Skip Bronzer And Blush

    dusky makeup blush

    It’s a myth that dark skin should stay away from bronzers and blushes. Go for shades like rose, deep orange and coral. Try to avoid shades like brown and beige, as they won’t suit you. 

    You can choose a dark rose for the day, and shades like plum, wine, and bronze for the evenings. For evening parties, shimmers with gold tones can work wonders for the dark complexion. But remember, don’t get overboard with it.

    Go For Caramel Instead Of Nude Lips

    dusky makeup nude lip shades

    Nude lips are undoubtedly beautiful and subtle, but those light pinks or nude peaches won’t look good on a dusky complexion. So opt for colours which are closer to caramel. These lip shades will enhance your lips and will make them look luscious while complementing your complexion.

    If you think your lips are dark, apply a tiny amount of foundation on them before wearing lipstick. This will bring out the colour better.

    Glossy Eyelids

    dusky makeup glossy eye

    The perfect finish to your glowing from within makeup is to add glossy lids. Use a cream based eye shadow on your lids in coral, brown, or rose gold shade that will bring out the beauty of your beautiful dark eyes.

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    Stick To Warm Toned highlighters

    Who doesn’t love that sparkle on your face that makes us look like the golden hour beauty all the time? Stick to golden and champagne highlighters to get a perfect dash of shine on your face. A silver or white toned highlighters won’t blend in well with your complexion.

    So go on ladies, what are you waiting for? Use these makeup tips to flaunt your exotic beauty with grace!

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