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    Ways To Rectify Curly Hair Mistakes You Must Be Making

    If you have curly hair, then there are chances that you must be making these mistakes.
    Published -10 Nov 2021, 10:35 ISTUpdated -10 Nov 2021, 11:01 IST
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    Do you have curly hair? Well, we understand your plight as it is highly difficult to maintain these curly hairs. Even after you put in a lot of time and effort, your curly hair seems to be rigid and not give you the right look.

    Instead, your hair goes frizzy and destroys your natural look. However, don’t lose hope because there might be a reason behind this. A lot of people with curly hair make some common mistakes and here are some ways to avoid them and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

    Brushing Your Dry Hair

    brush curly hair mistakes

    Do not brush your hair once it’s dry. This is because brushing your curly/wavy hair after it’s dry will make it frizzy and puffy along with making it lose its shape. So, all the people complaining about frizzy hair should stop brushing your dry hair in order to let the curls remain intact because you don’t have frizzy hair, instead you have curly/wavy hair.

    Instead of brushing your hair once it’s dry, you should brush it when wet. This will help you get rid of all the tangles and knots and your hair won’t lose its shape.

    Not Using Enough Water While Styling

    You have to make sure that your hair is wet enough while styling them. If not, then you will end up with frizzy and stringy curls even after styling them. You have to add enough water for your hair to make a squishy sound when you scrunch it. If your hair doesn’t make the sound, then it means that you should add more water.

    So, if you don’t want your hair to be frizzy and curls to be destroyed, then you need to make sure that you are using enough water while styling them.

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    Touching Your Hair While It's Drying

    A lot of effort goes into styling hair, especially curly hair. However, after all the effort, if you keep touching it while it’s drying, then it’ll look like that you never styled them and you will end up with a lot of frizz.

    We know that it’s very tempting and you just can’t keep your hands away but you have to let your hair dry untouched but make sure to keep changing positions while drying.

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    Not Sleeping On Satin

    satin curly hair mistakes


    We usually don’t use satin or silk pillowcases in our homes, instead, we go for cotton pillowcases (ways to reuse old pillows). However, I recommend you switch to satin immediately. You must have noticed that your curls get ruined on day 2 after sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. Well, now you know that the reason is the cotton pillowcase itself.

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    Therefore, switch immediately as silk/satin pillowcases help to reduce friction and help your curls to retain moisture which will eventually result in your curls staying intact until the next day. 

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