Protein is the backbone of your hair. This is because your hair is majorly made up of keratin which is a type of keratin. Therefore, your hair should have enough protein as it is a sign of healthy hair.

However, it is a major chance that your hair might be lacking protein. This is not a good sign and you should immediately look into it.

How To Know Your Hair Lacks Protein

Less Definition

If your hair has less definition that means your hair lacks protein. Less definition means that your hair is fragile to touch. This basically means that your hair has less porosity, which means the structure of your hair doesn't easily allow moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft.

More Frizz

frizz hair protein

If your hair has become frizzier than usual without any change in the weather and no matter what you do,it doesn't go away. Even if you apply hair gel and then also frizz stays, then this is a sign that your hair needs protein. 

No Shrinkage Or Bounce

If your hair lacks protein, then a sign of it can be less volume. Basically, your hair will have less volume as if it has no body. Along with this, the hair will not shrink as much as it does normally. Protein works great for fine hair but if it lacks the same, then it is a great problem. 

How To Add Protein To Your Hair?

Protein Rich Diet

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The first and the foremost way to add protein to your hair is by having a protein rich diet. We know that a balanced diet is necessary but in such cases, it is okay to increase the intake of protein in your diet. There are several foods that contain protein including milk, eggs, meat, pulses and many more. Just add these to your diet and you will see the results soon. 

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Hair Products With Protein

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You should start using hair products containing proteins. However, don't fall for home remedies like mayonnaise, egg and other things. They surely condition your hair but the protein present in natural form is too large to be incorporated into the shaft. 

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For this, you need proteins that have been broken down into smaller pieces which are called hydrolysed proteins. There are several hair products that contain hydrolysed proteins and you should immediately add these products to your hair care routine

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For a protein boost, you can also use a deep conditioner as it will make a big difference and you will soon see the positive results. 

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