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Brought The Wrong Shade Of Foundation? Here's How You Can Use It!

Instead of struggling with the wrong shade of foundation, here are all the things you can do to put it to use!
Published -13 Mar 2022, 13:26 ISTUpdated -13 Mar 2022, 13:36 IST
Wrong Shade Of Foundation uses

Finding the perfect foundation shade is a difficult task that we all have been trying to master for the longest. With everything turning digital, many of us have been opting for shopping online through portals like Nykaa, Sephora, Purplee, and many more. 

With shopping online, all of us have been struggling with finding the perfect shade for our skin. There may have been times wherein you would’ve ended up receiving the shade that doesn’t match your skin tone. At times like these, what do you do? Do you return it or do you find ways to use it?

There’s always a solution, and here we are, suggesting 3!

Using Foundation With Moisturizer 

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Did you get a foundation shade that is slightly darker for your skin? This is the hack for you! 

You can mix the wrong shaded foundation with your moisturizer and make it your shade exactly. The moisturizer will help lighten the dark foundation you have in hand. 

Start by adding a pea-sized moisturizer to your foundation and mix it on a tray using your spatula. As you mix the two products, you will find the foundation turning lighter than what you had brought. If it is still not the shade you’re looking for, you can go with another pea-sized droplet of a moisturizer and repeat the process. 

Continue the process until you reach your desired foundation shade. With this hack, you will attain a hydrating foundation that is solely customized for you, by you yourself! 

You can then dive in with your makeup and finish your base with a touch of loose powder using your kabuki makeup brush!

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Using Foundation As A Concealer 

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Did you get a foundation shade too light for your skin? Don’t worry, here’s what you can do about it! 

Did you ever think of using your foundation as your concealer? When you have wrongly brought a foundation shade that is much lighter to your skin tone, you most definitely can use it as a concealer. 

This hack will work for a foundation that is sheer to medium coverage. A full-coverage foundation is too thick for an area like the under-eye as it is a much more sensitive area as compared to the rest of your face. 

Taking your fingertips as the best for an easy application, you can use a dab-dab motion to apply the light shaded foundation in the required quantity under your eye. Using a damp beauty blender or a makeup brush, you can go ahead and blend the foundation, later setting it with a setting powder or going in with baking! 

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Using Foundation As A Bronzer

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Did you get a foundation shade that is way too dark for your skin tone? This one is for you! 

A bronzer can either be cream-based or powder. While the cream-based bronzer is a product we use to give our face a sculpting look, it stays for a longer duration than that compared to the powder bronzer. 

Powder bronzer is applied more or less on the ending side of the process. 

This hack can be carried out for medium to full coverage foundations. Taking a thin-sized makeup brush, take a dip into the dark shaded foundation and apply it as you would normally you would contour your face. 

For contouring, you will have to sweep a stroke of the foundation from the tragus to the middle of your cheek and blend towards your ears, using a damp beauty blender. 

Are you trying these hacks out? Connect with us over our official Instagram account and drop us a comment. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks! 

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