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    How To Bake Your Face Using A Loose Powder

    Here’s an easy guide on how to bake your face using a loose powder and more!
    Published -08 Nov 2021, 18:28 ISTUpdated -08 Nov 2021, 18:37 IST
    how to bake your face at home

    Beauty has been a major part of our daily lives as we dress up almost every day for work or leisure activities such as fancy lunchtime with our ladies or a wedding of our loved ones. 

    With many trends coming and going, face baking has been one that has stayed but has also faced many backlashes for not having been done properly by experts even!

    Here’s an easy guide on how you can bake your face with a loose powder at home when you’re getting ready for an occasion with some tips and tricks to lessen the chances of a cake face! 

    Step By Step 

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    • Apply an under-eye cream to hydrate your eyes as it is a pretty sensitive area and you should not use a normal lotion/ cream in that particular area. 
    • Add a thick layer of concealer. (Before this step, you can go for colour correction also)
    • Blend the concealer using a damp sponge or a makeup brush.
    • Top it with more concealer if you like and repeat the process. 
    • Take some loose powder on your sponge or brush and dust it slightly before placing it on your under-eye.
    • Do this same process on your other eye. 
    • Let the translucent powder stay for a while without blending, let’s say, 20 seconds, and dust it off. 
    • Don’t blend the powder,  just dust it off the surface of your skin. 

    Your face is ready to hit the streets!

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    Is Baking Necessary For Me? 

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    The question is the problem solver for most of us. It totally depends on your usage of makeup and how much makeup you’ve applied to your skin. 

    If you’re a light makeup user, like a lipstick and mascara kind, you don’t need it at all. 

    If you’ve chosen to go with a good amount of making like foundation and eyeshadows, we think you should! It’s best not to leave a scope of malfunction. 

    With a full face of makeup, like foundation, concealers, bronzer, you definitely should. You need to keep your makeup intact. 

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    What Can I Use For Baking? 

    For baking, the most common makeup product to use is a translucent powder but you can use a banana powder if you are dark-skinned as it will lessen the chance of a backlash. 

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    For another variety, you can choose pressed powder. The aim is to make your skin look seamless so you can apply the product with a makeup sponge or a brush, whichever you think works for you. 

    When To Bake? 

    We advise baking your face after your foundation for your under eyes as the basic idea of baking is to keep your makeup intact. 

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