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From Liquid To Mousse, Here Are Five Different Types Of Makeup Foundations

Be it dry or combination skin, one of these five types of makeup foundation will suit you. Read on to know more. 
Published -06 Jul 2020, 12:00 ISTUpdated -06 Jul 2020, 12:15 IST
Makeup Foundations

Foundation, a beauty product that creates a base upon which you build your entire makeup look. There is a wide variety of products counted as a foundation. While some differ in texture, others vary in consistency. Since each product is different and so is our skin, it is vital to understand the difference to find the best match for skin and complexion. Depending on the skin type and the amount of coverage one requires, a person should choose the base of their makeup. The quality of foundation also plays a significant role, so that it doesn’t oxidise or make your face look cakey at the end of the day. Check out these five different types of makeup foundation and pick that is most likely to suit your skin. 

Mousse Foundation 

Extremely light in weight, mousse foundations are also called whipped foundations. It is great for the beginners, who find dealing with other foundations a bit messier. Due to its fluffy texture, this foundation tends to give a matte look and a weightless feel. Despite the skin types, this foundation is likely to merge well. For those, who are experiencing fine lines and subtle signs of ageing can also use this foundation to hide marks. 

Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation

One of the most used cosmetic products are liquid foundations. Known to suit almost all skin types, the formula of this product ranges from light to full coverage. While it is great to cover certain pigmentations, liquid foundation also conceals visible pores. This product is best for ladies with combination and dry skin, as it deals with dryness and provides moisturisation at the same time. There is also a variety of liquid foundations, such as the water- or an oil-based one. Both are easy to apply, using a makeup sponge or a brush. 

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Powder Foundation 

Does your job require you to stay outdoors and deal with people constantly? And let me guess, between all this, you hardly get time to touch up or re-do your face. You must invest in powder foundations as it is convenient and effortless to apply. It basically looks like a compact that comes with a mirror and sponge. Great for those with oily skin given its super dry formula, you might don’t want to use it under the sun as it oxidises very quickly. 

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Stick Foundation 

Stick Foundation

Stick foundation comes in creamy texture and is great to cover blemishes. One can always carry this in their clutches to the parties and fix under-eye pigmentations, blemishes, and all other types of imperfections quickly using fingers. However, if you want to use it as a concealer, it is less likely to provide a very lasting coverage. This foundation is ideal for those, who have combination skin types. 

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Multipurpose Cream Based Foundation 

The BB (blemish balm) and CC (colour correcting) creams have become everyone’s go-to makeup products over the year. Both provide minimal coverage along with protection against harmful sunrays and goodness of antioxidants. They have a light, creamy formula that evens the skin tones, and moisturises the upper layer of the face. Both the cream-based product works well with a variety of skin types. 

Do follow two fundamental rules before buying a foundation. The first one is to identify your undertone, this will allow you to understand your right shade. And, never swatch your foundation on your wrists, you will probably end up buying a wrong shade of foundation. 

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