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5 Underarm Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

From shaving to cutting corners during moisturisation, here are some common underarm mistakes that you must avoid making!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -23 May 2022, 12:15 ISTUpdated -23 May 2022, 18:46 IST
underarm care easy tips

When we want to have a good time, sleeveless dresses are our first pick. Off-shoulder and sleeveless tops and skirts have a certain allure, and the summer and monsoon seasons provide the ideal opportunity to show them off. But, in your favourite sleeveless outfits, are you ready to show off your underarms?

Most of us are aware of our underarms, which is mostly due to the attention (or lack thereof) we make to this area of our bodies. And the blunders we make when it comes to our underarms aren't helping us either. It's past time to buckle up and rectify these five worrying underarm errors. Let's get started!

Skipping Exfoliation

exfoliation skipping

We do not clean our underarms thoroughly enough. It's not enough to just lightly soap it every day while we shower. Because our underarms are one of the most sweaty parts of our bodies, the accumulation of dead skin cells and filth is higher. It is vital to exfoliate your underarms. Exfoliate your underarms twice a week with a mild body scrub.

Skimping On Moisturisation

dry underarms

Waxing, shaving, and exfoliating your underarms can leave them dry and drab. It is critical to moisturise your underarms in order to keep them healthy and attractive. Sweat is not the same thing as moisture. After showering, apply a body lotion to your underarms as a moisturiser.



Nobody likes a clump of hair under their arms. And we choose the quickest approach to hairless underarms, which is shaving. Shaving, as handy as it is, harms your underarms. Shaving is hard on the sensitive skin of your underarms, leaving your skin dry and irritated. Your skin begins to react to products it previously did not. So, instead of shaving your underarms, consider waxing them.

Shaving is quick and gets rid of all the hair on your skin. Shaving, on the other hand, removes up to 35 percent of the top layer of skin cells. Your skin begins to dry out when the protective layer is lost, and any skin care products you use on that area become more sensitive. Avoid shaving your underarms as much as possible and instead use procedures that pluck hair from the roots.

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No Arm Care Routine 


Beautiful underarms aren't achieved overnight. You must continually strive for it. That implies you'll need to establish an underarm care routine. Yes, your skincare routine isn't just for your face. You must commit to maintaining a nourishing underarm routine. Don't worry, you won't have to put in a lot of effort. Apply the CTM routine to your underarms as well, and exfoliate twice a week to keep things fresh.

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Using Deodorants

All of our underarm issues may be traced back to careless product application. You should keep track of everything you put on your underarms in addition to cleaning them routinely. The culprit here is deodorants with a high alcohol level. Alcohol darkens the skin under the arms, makes it excessively dry, and might irritate it. As a result, avoid deodorants that contain a lot of alcohol and go for alcohol-free alternatives. Also, spray the deodorant from a distance.


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