After COVID the nail trend has reached its peak; from classic reds to  peachy delight we have shades galore. Though at times it’s hard to find the perfect nail polish for your skin.There must have been times when you must have bought a beautiful nail polish you saw online but when you apply it on your nails it doesn’t look the same. 

Not all colour schemes suits all skin type. The lightest shade of nude might look beautiful on fair skin but at the same time it might not suit you just the same way a lot of darker shades might not suit a fairer skin tone but look stunning on a brown skin tone.

It is not that hard to understand the concept of skin tones and colours. People with a warmer skin tone will definitely pull off warm shades like burgundy, browns and peach whereas people with a cool skin tone can easily pull off blues, sea green and purple. Darker skin usually has a warmer skin tone though there can be some variations of a combination skin tone or a cooler skin tone.

Lucky for you we have a list of our top 5 shades which are undoubtedly going to suit your brown skin and look flawless. 

Sensual Burgundy

Burgundy shade of one the shades which any dark skin tone can easily pull off. Long burgundy nails give a sultry appeal to your hands; quite a vampire look. A simple burgundy shade is a classic for lovely date nights and evening affairs or night at the club. With a shade so badass you will want to go out party all night or feel like a boss lady. Burgundy is surely going to give you a confident vibe. 

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best nail shades for brown skin

Classic Red

Red is the King of classics; from start to end it has always been a winner and a favourite for brown skin tone. This shade exudes elegance and makes a statement everywhere you go. It makes your skin tone look rich and healthy giving you an aura of a boss lady. From a classic red nail polish to a classic red lip; red is going to make you feel like a Queen since the colour red is also considered a sign of royalty in many countries.

Red is also a shade which is worn often at Indian wedding as it is not only a symbol of royalty but also considered the symbol of prosperity and fertility. 

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Peachy Delight

A soft peach shade gives your pretty nails a nice refreshing feeling and a minimalistic aesthetic. A peachy shade or any tone of peach is definitely going to make you feel feminine like a beautiful princess up in the sky castle looking over her kingdom. There are various varieties of peach so you have a peachy galore to choose from.

Many might not know that symbolises of raw desire and trust. Maybe now it’s time to let your nails speak for you because you nail colour can say a lot about you 

Best nail shades for indian skin

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are ethereal, from sage green to a soft shade of brown. Earthy tones are sure to catch people’s attention and make them want to listen to you. Earthy tones are natural and the perfect shade for your natural Indian skin tone in an everyday look or brunch day out with friends. 

Eatery tones are perfect for people who love boho fashion and look god like on brown skin tone. Embrace your inner woodland goddess with your earthy tones. 

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