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7 Colours That Flatters An Indian Skin Tone

Are you willing to invest in some different shades of clothes? Check out some colours that will suit your skin tone. 
Published -04 Jan 2021, 11:50 ISTUpdated -05 Jan 2022, 18:43 IST
Skin Tones

We Indians are blessed to have amazing facial features. This includes having big eyes, defined eyebrows and most importantly, our gorgeous skin tones. We mostly have olive and yellowish undertones, that make most of us look not too white and not too dark. 

Just like people of any other country, we too have various shades of brown skin tone. However, there are colours that suit everyone, no matter if you are wearing an ethnic ensemble or a simple dress. Hence, if you are soon to update your wardrobe, we think you should add some of these hues to ooze oomph. 



A very stunning shade that can make you steal the spotlight during a day event and a night party. Olive is not even a very dark colour, nor a very light one. It has subtleness to it that looks amazing on various Indian skin tones. While we see a lot of actresses in olive jumpsuits now and then, we think suits and sarees are yet to become everyone’s favourite. 

Emerald Green

We Indians are obsessed with the regal lifestyle and fashion. If there was one shade that was the utter favourite of most royalties in India, then it has to be emerald green. Not only for the pieces of jewellery, but the shade was used to elevate the look of the attires. This colour also goes perfectly with all the Indian skin tones. Given the gold yellowish undertone most of us have, emerald green happens to suit us perfectly. 



Crimson is a gorgeous dark red shade that also has a slight influence from purple. When it comes to weddings or red carpets, almost nothing can beat the glamour that crimson red helps to exude. Even if you are not a huge fan of doing makeup and love to keep it simple, just by wearing an attire in crimson you can make heads turn! 

Blush Pink

While many Indian girls feel sceptical about wearing white, blush pink happens to be everyone’s favourite when it comes to light shade. The colour gives a soft look that enhances the elegance and charm of the wearer. Club it with simple diamond sets or with metal pieces, you are likely to make others green of envy! 



Aubergine is a gorgeous shade that seems to be made especially for Indian skin tones. The eggplant purple colour is the perfect dark shade you want to wear if you don’t like brown, maroon, etc. If you are soon to attend an Indian wedding and don’t want to wear those traditional shades, we suggest you go with aubergine to make a statement.


Black is almost everyone’s favourite for several reasons, such it makes you look slim, and also helps to appear shine in it. The shade looks breath-taking on Indian skin tones. No matter if you are wearing a simple black saree or an over-the-top black gown, there’s no way you will be looking anything less than a diva. 

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Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow

Yellow is considered an auspicious shade for Hindus in Indian. Whenever there is a holy occasion, almost everyone tries to wear yellow (yellow lehenga for haldi) at one point of the other. And we think this is for all the right reasons, as mustard yellow seems such a perfect shade. Not too dark, and not too light, just amazing to flatter Indian skin tone. 

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