Nail polishes; especially after COVID has gotten popular. Since the mask hides most of our face eye makeup and nail art has gotten a new reach like never before. From pretty pastels to solid blacks, our nails love them all. It is undeniable that there are some shades that are superior and in everyone’s good books. Here we have the holy grail of all nail shades for you. 

Many people might not even know that nail polishes originated in China and dates back to 3000 BCE. Here they used a mix of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes and gum arabic. In Egypt the colour of your nails separated you from high class which painted their nails with ‘henna’ to give it a reddish brown tint; to the lower class which was made to dawn pale colours.

Nail painting has been an art since 3000 BCE and travelled from China, Egypt and Greece to the whole Globe. In an ode to the ages old craft we present to you our 5 Holy Grail Nail Shades you must try on at least once in your life!

nail shades

Black And White

Monochrome has never gotten out of fashion especially black and white. Be it together or separate, black and white is a classic. Dark black nails are sure to make you feel like a sassy demon while the whites are oh so angelic to look at. Be it an angelic look or a demonic; black and white are sure to make your nails look stunning. 

From classic white French tips to gothic black nails or better; a combination of both; these two shades will forever be one of our holy Grail nail shades.

Ruby Reds

Reds and shades of red have always been a classic just like black and white. The shade ruby red is a holy grail shade for all shades of reds given it’s beautiful vibrant tone and a royal aura. From a classic red nail polish to a classic red lipstick; red is the king of classics. 

A sexy red nail polish is undoubtedly going to make you feel like a boss. You can also spice up you nails using various shades of red making your nails the centre of attention. 

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Soft Pinks

Shades of pink and soft pink are undoubtedly beautiful, feminine and can remind of of cotton candy. Blush pink is one amongst the shades of pink. The colour is in between millennial pink which has grey tones in it and baby pink which is a pink tone with more white in it; this makes blush pink a perfect blend of a softer pink look.

A blush pink or any tone of soft pink is definitely going to make you feel like a princess of a beautiful castle. It may come under pastel but this tone of pink deserved its own limelight given the various varieties of soft pink you can pink in the market. From millennial pink, nude pink to blush pink; soft shades of pink have them all!

Holy Grail Of Nail Shades


2021 is definitely the year of pastel nails! Beautiful array of rainbow pastel nails must have flooded you Instagram feed during this COVID period. It’s a recent addition to the holy grail family but most undoubtedly it has caught everyone’s attention.

A beautiful baby blue pastel will fulfil your ethereal aesthetic whereas a sage green pastel look will give you the best woodland goddess look. Your nails say a lot about you so choose your pastels wisely or just throw them all on and be the confident unicorn you are!

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Pearly Pearls

Pearly nail polishes are undoubtedly beautiful like mermaid scales or unicorn blood. It looks simple yet majestic; pearly nail polish is definitely going to give your nails a magical look. 

Pearly nail paint has always been there and has been used and loved not just by us but even our mothers and grandmother. Just like the reds, black and white; pearly nail polish has stood the test of time. 

This magical potion like nail paint comes in more shades than just a pearly white so you better be ready to run off to Hogwarts with those magical nails and fight Voldemort! 


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