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Holi 2022: Tips To Prevent Skin And Hair Damage From Colours

Many Holi colours come packed with chemicals which can damage your skin and hair in the long run. Read on the tips!
Published -17 Mar 2021, 10:22 ISTUpdated -14 Mar 2022, 12:58 IST
post holi skincare haircare

Once you are done playing Holi with your friend and family, you have to finally face the biggest challenge and that is removing all that stubborn colour from your skin and hair. What makes it all worse is that some Holi colours are loaded with chemicals which can be harmful for your skin. 

Many of us forget to follow any pre-skincare routine ahead of Holi and this can make it all challenging for us. Holi colours can damage your skin badly. So what to do after Holi? It is very important to pay attention to our skin after playing with colours or else the harmful chemicals in the colours can lead to skin and hair issues like rashes, pigmentation, hair fall, hair frizziness among others. 

We asked Dr. Anish Desai, Director Strategic Medical Affair, Adroit Biomed Ltd to share some quick tips/home remedies which can help one prevent any skin problems after Holi. 

Skin Care

Dust Away Dry Colours

dry colours holi

Begin with dusting off dry colours from your skin. Make sure you don't rub your skin or it can further become difficult to get rid of the colour. 

Use Cleansing Milk

The easiest way to get rid of colours is using cleansing milk. It will help you remoe all the colour and all the other layers that woukld have build up on your skin through the festivities. Also, cleansing milk is very hydrating which prevents your skin from getting dry, leaves you with soft and smooth skin. 

Tone Your Skin

Spritzing some water based toner will help you make your feel a lot more hydrated and nourished. 

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Apply Moisturiser

After loading your skin with all that harmful colour, it is time to pamper it with some moisturiser. Take a good moisturiser as per your skin type and apply it well on your face and neck. This will take away all the dryness. 

DIY Face Pack

diy face pack

Applying a homemade face pack can help you norush your skin further and make it feel soft and smooth. This DIY face pack will also help in regulating the pH balance of your skin. In a bowl, add mashed papaya, curd and some lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well. You can also add a pinch of turmeric or haldi to the mixture. Mix and apply over face and neck. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash. 

Curd helps in reducing pigmntation which is quite commom after Holi (tips to protect interiors). Papaya helps in removing tan and lemon juice has bleaching properties which will help you clear your skin. 

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Hair Care

The expert shared that to cleanse off all the colour on the scalp, one can use a hair mask prepared using curd, lemon juice and coconut oil. It helps in washing off all the colour and leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Apply and keep for 25 minutes. Wash with cold water. 

Quick Tips

  • Avoid going for a facial or facial hair removal for a few days after Holi. 
  • Try using less makeup if possible after Holi and let your skin breathe as much it can. If not required, go makeup free for a few days. 
  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner for your air. Oil your hair as much as possible. 
  • Have a good night sleep!

Following these tips after Holi will help you prevent any hair or skin problems. For more such tips, stay tuned! 


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