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Protect Your House Interiors During Holi Using These Tips

Holi does bring in the colours of joy into our lives but it also brings concerns about home interiors. Read on to resolve them before Holi arrives.
Published -01 Mar 2021, 18:13 ISTUpdated -01 Mar 2021, 18:36 IST
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Holi 2021 will be knocking on our doors soon and we bet you this is the time of the year where you enjoy the most. And not only you, but most of us also do because Holi brings in a plethora of joys and reasons to laugh. The colours of laughter and joy add in immense positivity and strength in our lives and that is why this festival is celebrated with all hail and heart across the country breaking the barriers of religion. The true essence of Holi is about believing in your positivity and the presence of the omnipresent almighty God and when you do that, there is nothing that can defeat you. 

But Holi also brings a lot of concerns that sometimes overpower the happiness and pull you down to misery and sadness. One such big concern is to take care of your home interiors during Holi. Don’t worry at all this time your home interiors won’t be ruined due to the fun at all. Read on to find out more.

The Walls

holi home interiors

It is best to take steps before anything really happens to the walls. Procrastinations could lead you to spend a lot of money instead.  If your walls have been painted with oil-based paint or lustre paint then the best way to protect them is to add a layer of anti-satin varnish to them. The varnishing will not allow the entry of the colours into the inner layer of the paint, protecting is well. 

Also, a cheaper and a good way is to cover all your vulnerable walls with plastic and a few days prior to Holi. This will ensure that they are durable and you can work with them. At last, you can also push your furniture against the wall to avoid direct touch or frequent touch on the wall.  To cleanse a stained wall, you can use a solution of bleach and water but make sure that the high concentration of the bleach could result in discolouration of the paint, so, beware.

The Furniture

holi home interiors

Apart from the walls the furniture is the second most vulnerable spot for the paint to make its way to. Therefore you must cover all your furniture pieces with an old bedsheets (best bedsheet fabrics for daily use)or plastic sheets so that they may not be exposed to paint. 

Further, if the furniture still gets stained all you have to do is spray hydrogen peroxide over the stains and carefully wipe it out with a cotton cloth or a sponge.

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The Bathroom

After the fun is over Bathroom(how to make your bathroom smell good) is the first place we all want to go to in order to get ourselves cleaned and back to normal. But this leads to the bathroom getting dirtier than ever. While cleaning the floor of the bathroom can be easy in this case but the coloured fixtures can simply be cleaned using a pre-coat of petroleum jelly. Or a using thinner after the fixture has been stained.

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The Doors

holi home interiors

Whatever you do will still not be able to protect your doors from getting the colours. So, for this, you can go for a longer piece of plastic to cover the door with and coat your doorknob with turpentine oil. Further, you can also add a layer of Teflon coating and polish the wood of the door to protect the colours from ruining your home’s shine.

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