Dark circles chase many especially off late amid this lockdown when most sleeping cycles have gone for a toss. There are many remedies out there to get rid of them and makeup tricks using concealers and colour correctors which conceal the blackness under the eyes but once the makeup is off, our face looks so different. It is best that we avoid doing things which cause them in the first place. So get your act together and try not to make the mistakes you have been making as listed below.


This one is something you cannot help as we cannot alter our genetics and what we inherit. So here you will have to try the concealer route. However, don't give up on some home remedies and make them turn lighter. Keep using them to maintain what you have and if luck is by your side, they may even fade with time.

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Tiredness & Lack Of Sleep

sleep eyes

Lack of sleep, insomnia and tiredness are huge factors that add blackness to the skin below those beautiful "windows to your soul". If overworking and too much screen time are common issues then it is about time you make a proper schedule and stick to it. It will take a week to adjust but eventually, your sleep will have a proper order and your body will also thank you.

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Whether you accept it or not ladies, it is the truth! We all age with time. Some look youthful for a longer time but some start showing the signs of ageing very soon. There are many factors that escalate ageing but we will talk about those later as you scroll down. Ageing is not just about wrinkles. The skin under our eyes is very thin and therefore they start giving out earlier. The blood vessels become protuberant that result in giving dark circles.

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If your iron count is low then it is may be a major factor for those dark patches you detest. Those low in iron have anaemia. The oxygen in our body tissues becomes very less and thus the blood suffers. The best solution is that whether you like it or not, make green vegetables a part of your diet. Have them as a smoothie, in your meal or in salads, but make friends with them. Also, you must have fruits and dairy products. 

Allergies & Habits

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Some people have a habit of toughing their eye area again and again and that leads to crow feet and wrinkles near the eyes and dark circles. This I know very well as my cousin had this habit and she was warned by many. So she ends up spending a lot of money on concealers and colour correctors.

In case you have some allergies, then it is best that you consult a skin specialist or an ophthalmologist depending upon the type of allergy and not become your own doctor. 

Lack Of Nutrition

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Like I mentioned when talking about ageing, some nutrients play a major role in keeping you youthful. You cannot skip on vitamins like A, C, K, & E, and other nutrients in your diet. They infact make or break your health. 

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Smoking & Drinking

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This point is a no brainer as no good can come out of either especially when you are an addict or have way too many. Both of these "sins" cause immense loss of water content in our bodies and dehydration also causes dark circles. So as long as you are sane and reading this, you know what is the right thing to do!

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