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    Shahnaz Husain Shares The Perfect Skin Care Routine For Healthy And Flawless Skin

    Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Therefore, you should focus on the health of your skin by following this skin care routine by Shahnaz Husain.
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    Updated at - 2021-12-01,13:38 IST
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    I have always said that a healthy, flawless skin is beautiful skin. In fact, it is the health of the skin, rather than its colour, that matters. You do not have to be born a beauty. You can acquire it, because beauty is the outcome of good internal health and a regular external skin care routine.

    External Skin Care

    It is necessary to have an understanding of your skin and its needs. If you want to know your skin type, then wipe your face with a tissue when you wake. Remember to do this first in the morning, even before you cleanse and wash your face.

    If the tissue is clean, then you have normal to dry skin. On the other hand, if the tissue becomes stained or soiled with grease, then you have normal to oily skin.

    You should use different tissues for different areas. Wipe your forehead, nose and chin with one tissue and cheeks with a different one. This way you can get to know if you have a combination skin.

    Use different tissues for different areas, wiping the forehead, nose and chin with one tissue and using another one to wipe the cheeks. This will help to know if you have a combination skin. 

    Regular Care

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    A woman who has been on a daily skin-care routine will find that the signs of ageing are delayed and the skin looks more youthful. Nowadays, one can choose products according to specific needs, as so many kinds of ready-to-use products are available. Regular care not only improves the look of the skin, but makes you feel good too. It gives self-confidence a real boost.

    The daily care of the skin involves cleansing, exfoliation (use of scrubs), toning, moisturizing, nourishing and the use of masks.


    cleanser shahnaz husain skin care

    Cleansing of the skin helps to remove impurities like dirt, pollutants, stale sweat, oil, dead skin cells and make-up. If you use soap, wash only twice a day.

    Use a cleansing cream or gel for dry skin. Light cleansing milks and lotions are better for oily and combination skins. For pimple prone skin, use a medicated cleanser.  


    Exfoliation is a method of deep pore cleansing and also helps to remove dead skin cells. This is done with facial scrubs. For dry skin, use once a week; for oily skins, without pimples, use more two or three times a week. If you have pimples and acne, avoid applying scrubs on them.


    Toning of the skin follows cleansing. It's beneficial in improving blood circulation and refreshing the skin. One of the best natural skin toners is rosewater. After you are done cleansing, then you can use a cotton wool pad which is soaked in skin tonic. Then, wipe and pat the skin.

    Sun Protection

    One of the main aspects of skin care is sun protection. Most sunscreens have built-in moisturizers.  Moisture is most important to the skin. You can find moisturisers in both liquid and cream form. Oily skins may need a moisturizer only during the dry season.


    nourishing cream shahnaz husain skin care

    Nourishing is important for normal to dry skin. It helps to keep the skin lubricated and soft, so that it can hold moisture. After cleansing your skin at night, apply a nourishing cream. Massage for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool.

    Face Pack

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    Face packs play a vital role in skin-care because they perform many functions. The regular use of packs helps to keep the skin in good condition, adds a glow, tightens the skin, improves the cell renewal process and delays aging signs. Apply it on your face carefully leaving

    Apply it on the face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash it off when it dries, or follow the directions on the label.

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    Natural Beauty

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    Over the past few decades, the concept of beauty has undergone a real change. Earlier, the emphasis was more on superficial treatments, but now it has shifted to a more positive approach which aims at protecting and preserving the natural beauty of the skin. More attention is focused towards cosmetic ingredients. This trend has come about by the awareness of the potential dangers that the skin is exposed to.

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    Natural Ingredients

    Skin care with natural ingredients, based on the tried and tested Ayurvedic system, has shown a complete lack of harmful side effects and irritative reactions. Indeed, nature is an expert chemist as well as the best cosmetologist. Ayurvedic beauty care helps to achieve the perfect balance that is so essential for healthy skin. Such a skin is not difficult to achieve, provided you understand the individual needs of your skin and give it the care it deserves.


    Your skin and body like you are unique. While we have taken all measures to ensure that the information provided in this article and on our social media channels is credible and expert verified, we recommend you consult a doctor or your dermatologist before trying a home remedy, quick hack or exercise regime. For any feedback or complaint, reach out to us at

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