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    How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller Using Makeup

    Check out how to make your lips look fuller and plump just by following these simple steps while doing makeup.
    Published -02 Nov 2020, 18:57 ISTUpdated -30 Nov 2021, 17:51 IST
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    Lips accentuate the look of your face and your makeup entirely depends on how good your lips look. These days although it is very easy to figure out what kind of makeup to do, to suit your attire, it is however, difficult to figure out ways to make your lips look attractive. While some people are naturally blessed with beautiful and plump lips, others have to work hard for them. From surgeries to cosmetic treatments, we do so much to achieve those plump and fuller lips. 

    But, with the advancement in the beauty and makeup industry, there are end number of things that you can do or achieve easily, and getting fuller lips is one of them. You must have seen those makeup transformation videos that show the power of makeup. 

    So, let’s take a look at how you can achieve a fuller lip look using simple makeup products and procedures.

    Pre-makeup procedure

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    Before applying makeup it is better to prepare your lips, make an easy scrub to make your lips smoother. Take a toothbrush and dip it in water, then take some sugar and rub it over the brush. Now gently run the toothbrush over your lips in a circular motion, taking out all the flakes off your lips, do this for 5 minutes, and wash them off with warm water. Then pat dry your lips and apply a hydrating lip balm.

    How To Conceal Your Lips

    Concealing is the most important step towards making your lips look fuller. As the concealer acts as the base layer and brings out the true shade of your lipstick. Further, it also makes the lips look chic and finer. So, using a neutral shade of lip liner, outline the corners of your lips(increase the size by lining over the mouth making the desirable lip shape). 

    Contouring The Lips

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    Contouring is one of the most useful makeup hacks, that can help you manipulate the shape or size of any part of your body. From making your nose thinner and sharper, it can make your forehead pop and your lips look fuller. So, using an ashy coloured contour, add a shadow below the lower lip and above the top of your lips, then blend until it looks natural.

    Apply Lipstick

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    Now apply the lipstick on the overlined lips carefully, first make an X at the cupid’s bow, then trace the liner with your lipstick for a smooth and fuller look. 

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    How To Highlight Your Lips

    The highlighter is just not to make your forehead or cheeks look super sharp. It works great on the cupid’s bow too. So use a fluffy brush to apply highlighter over the center of the cupid’s bow and your lower lips, this adds glimmer to the lips and makes them look fuller(easy tricks for fuller lips).

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    Other Things to Know For Making the Lips Look Fuller

    • Overlining is the best way to enhance the appearance of lips and makeup artists do it every time. But if you are a beginner at this, you should be very careful while overlining the lips as too much overlining can make your lips look weird and inappropriate.
    • To make your lips plump naturally, you can mix a drop of cinnamon oil into your lips balm and apply daily. The cinnamon is responsible for boosting your blood flow and that’s how it makes your lips plumper.
    • Next, apply a thick layer of toothpaste on your lips and leave for 10 minutes, get plump and fuller lips instantly.

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