With the festive season being on the doorstep, we all are getting our gear up and ready to doll our way through the season. One of the experts from our panel, Shahnaz Husain shares her tips and tricks with us to help run a successful festival makeup look. 

Getting festival ready is all about good hair, makeup, clothes, jewellery and whatnot. We wish to have everything at its best. Daydreaming of your various outfits, you can add multiple things to your looks with a hint of confidence. 

Hair-Do Options 

With your hair, you can either tie it up in a messy bun or leave it open with some extravagant hairstyle. Adding a ribbon or a flower to the hair can be a plus. With all these accessories, you can add a bit of colour to the hair shade you naturally have. Visible highlights in the hair add a great texture and shade to the skin. They compliment the skin and beauty of an individual if done correctly and impactfully. 

What To Do About The Puffy Eyes?

Been on working hours lately? Dip some cotton pads in rose water and apply them to your eyes after soaking them out. Let it be damped. It certainly helps with fatigue and induces relaxation to the eyes. With makeup, you can enhance your eyes a bit more than usual! 

Do You Have Active Acne Or Natural Red Cheeks? 

After cleansing your eyes with the rosewater soaked cotton pads, collect about 2-3 cubes of ice in a napkin and rub it gently through your face for some time. Do the process about 4 - 5 times, at your convenience. This will tighten the pores and reduce the natural redness or acne-caused redness on your skin. 

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Here's How You Can Hide The Under Eye Bags

Concealers can be a great way to camouflage the undereye darkness. The expert quotes, ‘When you apply foundation, use two different shades. A lighter one for areas like under the eyes, or down the nose. If you want to create cheek hollows, use a darker tone on the area and on the chin. This helps to contour the face.’ She tells us another secret, ‘A quick fix is to apply a creamy concealer on the eyelids. This provides a base for your eye shadow and also helps to put on eye make-up smoothly.’ 

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Add A Tint Of Gold To Your Skin 

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You can easily apply foundation to the rest of your face and don’t forget the neck and the ear area. To add a touch of glam and gold, mix gold dust with your foundation to illuminate your skin for the night! 

The Smokey Eye 

The best eye makeup for a gala night is always the smokey eyes, without a doubt! To do a quick smokey eye, apply a kajal/ eyeliner to the upper and bottom lash line and gently smudge it outward creating a depth. You can add some eyeshadow and glitter to complete the look. 

The Bronze Eye 

Shahnaz Husain gives in on another delight of a combination for the festive season, the bronze eye look! Using a nude Kajal will help you achieve the eye-opener look you’ve always been seeking for! The nude shaded kajal will give your eyes a wider and enhanced look. 

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To achieve the bronzed eye look, don’t forget to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone. No matter what eyeshadows you pick, really go in with the blending process. It’s the blending that makes the makeup beautiful. 

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Extend The Eye Lashes 

With eyelash extensions, and false lashes in the game, many of us have forgotten to use mascara which is the most effective way to enhance our eyelashes. Use an eyelash curler and mascara after to create the illusion of wider and extravagant lashes.

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Get Your Lips Pout Ready!

Lips are the foremost thing somebody finds interest in when they look at them for the very first time, thus the importance of the initial impression of the lips. To get the lips to pout ready, apply a layer of foundation and set it dry with a compact or a loose powder of your skin shade. After the powder has been soaked up, pick up a lip liner or a lip pencil and trace the natural lip structure. You can go a little beyond your original lip line to create the illusion if you like. 

Remember to use the shade closest or closer to your lipstick shade. Leaving the centre part of the lips, apply the lipstick all over. Take a lip gloss of a lighter shade and apply that to the centre and merge the harsh boundaries. You’ll have your perfect pouty lip for the night! 

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