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Monsoon Makeup Tips For Teenagers By Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain gives out some amazing makeup tips that will come in handy during the humid monsoons.
  • Shahnaz Husain
  • Editorial
Published -23 Jun 2021, 11:28 ISTUpdated -23 Jun 2021, 11:43 IST
shahnaz husain monsoon makeup tips m

Monsoon makeup for teenagers is really a challenge, for one their skin is more oily at this age and for two, the makeup fails to last on the skin given the heat and humidity.  Even making efforts to reduce the oil, sweat, and dullness of the face with matte makeup products doesn’t work. So, the only solution that remains is doing a natural matte look, this not only tends to last longer, but it also makes your waterproof products work their magic. Thus, here are some incredibly amazing monsoon makeup tips for teenagers that you must try.

Go For Compact Powder

shahnaz husain monsoon makeup tips for compact

  • Compact powder is pressed makeup powder and must be used over loose powder in monsoons as it is better at reducing the oily look on the face.
  • Here’s how you can apply compact powder onto your skin: 
  • Cleanse face and then using a cotton pad, apply some astringent lotion.
  • After the lotion gets absorbed in the skin go ahead and apply the compact powder.
  • Choosing a beige shade over the pink one is a great option for Indian skin tone. The compact is also used for touching up your makeup and making it look flawless. 
  • You must always carry a pack of wet tissues and compact them in your handbag while traveling during monsoon, just in order to touch up the makeup when needed.

Applying The Foundation

Applying foundation is easy, cleanse your face and apply some astringent lotion. Then wrap an ice cube in a cloth and dab over the face to close all the open pores. After this apply your foundation, preferably a water-based one, and go for lighter coverage.  Use a damp sponge to blend it all over the face. Then apply a light layer of foundation and then apply the powder to make your makeup last longer.

Choose Natural Makeup Look

shahnaz husain monsoon makeup tips

Natural makeup look is perfect for the humid weather and super easy to do. After applying foundation and powder, apply blush. Make sure to apply only a little amount as a faint flush is what we are looking for. Powder blushers are great for monsoon and are easier to apply. Just apply it on the apple of your cheeks and dab your fingers over it for a blended look.

Eye Makeup In Monsoon

In monsoons, it is suitable to use a brown shade of eyeshadow on your lids and lower lash line as it is lighter in comparison to kohl or eyeliner. To apply the brown eye shadow properly, keep it close to the lashes and the waterline as it will give a natural look. Add a hint of mascara to define the lashes, use a lash comb to brush them, and there you go!

Lip Makeup 

It is advisable to keep your lips protected and natural-looking in this humid season. So, always apply plain gloss over your tinted lip colours, or you may also use coloured lip gloss itself.  While applying lipsticks, don’t use liners just apply the lipstick directly to your lips.  For better care, you can store the lipstick in the fridge and then use it chilled to keep the pores of your lip region closed.

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Some Other Makeup Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

shahnaz husain monsoon makeup tips

  • Apply loose powder with a damp sponge.
  • Blot the makeup look with a tissue
  • Use liquid eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner.
  • Apply some foundation on your lips before lipstick to make it last longer.
  • Keep hair away from face and neck and tie them using hair bands, etc.

Shahnaz Husain is a leading beauty expert in our country. She is a pioneer in herbal beauty and heads the Shahnaz Husain Group as managing director. For more such tips from her stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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