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    Contouring: Dos And Don'ts You Should Know

    Using the wrong to apply your contour can end up ruining your makeup.
    Updated at - 2021-09-14,12:16 IST
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    If you are still new to the world of makeup and have no clue how you should be contouring your face, this guide is for you. Contouring is one of the most common techniques used today. It basically helps enhance the features of your face, it defines your cheekbones, jawline and other facial features. 

    This beauty technique can really change your entire makeup game but it isn't that easy. One wrong contour stroke and you can end up ruining your look. 

    Here is your quick guide to do contouring - 

    Contouring comes as the second or third step in your makeup routine. Once your are done with your foundation, pick your contour palette. You can choose the consistency of the contour depending on your skin type - powder, gel or liquid contour. 

    Step 1 -Begin with the forehead. Using a contour brush, use the contour along your hairline. Once done, start blending it upwards. 

    contouring palette

    Step 2 - Follow 3-mark step. From the highest point of your cheek bone to the jawline, make a 3. From the side to the center of your cheeks and then along the jawline. Repeat on the other side. Always blend the contour outwards.

    Step 3 - A lot of us have a disliking for the shape of our nose and a contour palette can help us fix it. First apply highlighter in the center of the bridge of your nose. Take a contouring stick or brush and apply it alon the sides of the bridge of your nose. Blend it outwards.

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    Dos And Donts Of Contouring  

    Don't Pick A Shimmery Contour 

    Contouring helps hide the area we don't wish to highlight. However, when you use a shimmery product, you end up showing out the area which you wanted to contour. When we apply a shimmery contour, the formula reflects light and further enhances the area we wished to hide.

    Don't Pick The Wrong Colour

    contour shade palette

    Choosing the wrong contour shade is as wrong as picking the wrong formula. Make sure you spend a good amount of time looking for a contour palette or stick that can work well for your skin type and complexion. Going for a contour too light or dark can ruin your look. Your contour shade should be 2-3 shades darker than the colour of your skin tone.

    Do Blend Well

    Just like all the other products on your face, contour requires good amount of blending. Not blending well can leave behind lines and marks around your cheekbones or jawline which can ruin your look. Once you are done with all the steps, make sure you set the contour and balance it out with all the other products with a loose or translucent powder.

    Don't Contour Everyday

    Once you get a hang of how contouring is done everyday, you might want to do it just all the time to get that chiseled face but don't just get used to it. Contouring your face everyday can make your skin age faster. Skip it once in a while.

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    Do Apply Contour In Natural Light

    It is best to step out of your dressing room and apply contour in natural light for the best results. We say this because you might not be able to figure out if your contour is too dark or light in artificial lights. Doing your makeup in natural light always gives you better results. 

    Don't Use Too Much Product

    One makeup lesson I always share with everyone is that always go less with the product. Using too much product can ruin your look. Always begin with less product on the brush and use more if you wish to build it up.

    We hope this makeup guide helps you ace your contouring game. For more such beauty tips, stay tuned to HerZindagi.


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