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Oily Eyelids? Follow This Guide To Prevent Them

Most women with a naturally oily skin suffer from oily upper lids and it can be managed with some easy beauty tips.
Published -05 Jul 2021, 18:27 ISTUpdated -05 Jul 2021, 18:45 IST
oily upper eyelids treatment

A lot of us are blessed with naturally oily skin and learn to manage it with time. However, one thing that not many of us have learnt to deal with is oily eyelids. 

You apply just the perfect winged eyeliner in the morning before heading to work but it starts to bleed after a few minutes. If you struggle through this, I feel you. 

Oily eyelids are a common issue and usually happens if one has naturally oily skin. The result? Your makeup doesn't stay in place at all. Well, there are some easy tips that can help you deal with this beauty problem. Read on. 

Always Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep

Not removing your makeup before going to bed is one big reason behind most of your skin issues. Even if you applied some kohl or eyeliner, it is important that you completely remove it from your face before sleeping. If there is makeup residue on your face, especially eyelids, your skin will fight against the makeup at night to breathe and this will lead to the production of excess oil. 

Even if you don't wear any makeup, wash your eyes everyday before going to sleep. You can use any mild cleanser. Don't rub your eyes too much. 

Don't Forget To Use A Primer

primer makeup oily eyelids

If you want your makeup to stay for long, use a primer on your eyelids. Eye primers are commonly available these days and they hold eye makeup for much longer. After applying your primer, you can apply concealer or foundation to create an oil-free base for your eyeliner or eyeshadow. 

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Use A Translucent Or Loose Powder 

Before applying any makeup on your eyelids, it is always a good idea to apply some loose powder or compact powder over your eyelids. The powder will absorb any oil on the lids and keep your makeup in place all day. 

Keep A Blotting Tissue Handy

Blotting tissues are easily available these days. These are just perfect when you are on the day go and can't touch up your makeup again and again. Just dab the paper on your eyelids when you feel they are getting oily. 

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Use The Right Skincare

skincare for oily lids

You have to be very careful when choosing your skincare products if you are an oily skin type. Pick face cleansers, moisturisers, and serums that match your skin type or they can end up leading to excess oil production on your face. Go for products that are gentle on your skin and alcohol-free. 

Switch To Powder Formulas

If you wear makeup everyday, make sure you stick to powder formulas. Creamy, liquid formulas are not for you. Powder formulas absorb the excess oil on your skin and don't give that shine to your eyes. 

Though oily eyelids are not a serious medical issue, you can always connect with a dermatologist to get it treated if you are unable to manage it. 

Do try following this guide and tell us if it helps you deal with those oily upper lids. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned! 

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