Individuals with oily skin have a tough time in the summer and monsoon season. Clogged pores, dull skin... these symptoms scream for help and Korean skincare is something I religiously follow as it is superbly effective. Why? Have you seen their skin? You may not have met a Korean in person but just google them and check out that pristine skin! No, not the complexion, it is the glow I am talking about. They care about their routine. Not Just women the men are also very careful about what they use on their skin and how they do it. So here are some tips that for now oily skinned women must follow and they are not that difficult to follow. 

Oil Cleanser

It is high time that you start investing in an oil cleanser. Yes, you may have been thinking that you have oily skin so oil cleanser would make it worse, etc but that is so not true. In fact, remember this that Water attracts water, and oil attracts oil. To break down oil you need oil. Your oil cleanser will remove all that excess oil without leaving your skin dry. 

Avoid Harsh Cleansers


You do not want your skin squeaky clean. Yes you read that right, as squeaky clean means ripping off your skin of moisture. So we want something mild. Stay away from cleansers which have SLS aka sodium lauryl sulfate, they are only temporary. Go for foaming cleansers. Buy Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Foaming Face Wash, 150ml for Rs 136, here.

Exfoliate Regularly


If you have oily skin then exfoliate on a regular basis. The excess dead skin cells will clog pores and dehydrate the skin if you do not. Now why remove the dead skin cells? They basically prevent anything (skincare products) from seeping in and doing their job. Use mild exfoliators with tiny beads. Buy Plum Skin Revival Face Wash, Chamomile and White Tea, 75ml, at a discounted price of Rs 245, here.

Hydration Is The Key

Keep your skin hydrated. If it is dehydrated then the more oil it will produce. Go for moisturisers that have calamine and firming amino acids (read ingredients). 

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Add Linoleic Acid To Your Routine


As per studies and researches, people who have oily skin have lower levels of linoleic acid in the skin. This acid is basically omega 6, an unsaturated fatty acid which is found within the skin’s surface lipids. When your skin is low in linoleic acid, what happens is that the oil in the skin becomes thicker and clogs the pores, which in turn increases the oil production and acne.  

Use Clay Mask Weekly

If you have oily skin then it is highly recommended that you use or rather treat your skin to a clay mask or clay foaming cleanser every week. How does it work?  Clay draws out all that oil and the impurities and reduces oil production to purify the skin overall. Buy Mamaearth Charcoal, Coffee And Clay Face Mask, 100ml for Rs 475 here.

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