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Here Is Why You Shouldn't Skip Using A Face Primer

Makeup primers have a lightweight formula and gel like consistency which easily blend into the skin and have numerous benefits. 
Published -23 Jan 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -23 Jan 2021, 11:03 IST
makeup primer skin benefits

If makeup primer isn't a part of your regular makeup routine then let's tell you that you are doing something wrong. Makeup primer is used to prep up your skin before you apply other makeup products like foundation, concealer among others. 

You will notice a lot of difference in your makeup once you start it with a makeup primer. It may sound like just an extra step in your makeup routine but it is essential if you wish for a long stay, flawless makeup.

What Is A Makeup Primer?

what is makeup primer

Makeup primer works like a base for all your makeup. It is an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Not only does it smoothes your skin but also holds your makeup for way longer. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Makeup Primer?

Fixes Your Pores

Applying a primer before doing your makeup helps in minimising your pores. This further helps in creating a flawless base using the foundation, otherwise, the big open pores make your makeup look uneven and patchy. The primer smoothens the pores and makes your skin appear clean and flawless.

Holds Makeup For Long

If you use makeup on a daily basis and want it to last for long then you just can't do without a primer. Makeup primer helps in holding your foundation and other makeup products for a long time. Even after hours of makeup, your face looks fresh. 

Hide Ageing Signs

makeup primer ageing signs

Makeup primers make your skin look young and flawless. They help in smoothening ageing signs like fine lines, wrinkles.

Makes The Application Easy

After using a primer, applying all other makeup products becomes really easy. When your face is covered with a primer, it acts like an extra sheet on the face which helps makeup easily glide on your face. 

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Mattifies Skin

how to mattify skin

If you are blessed with oily skin then a makeup primer is your best friend. Without a primer, your foundation will begin to melt after a few minutes. However, using a primer helps you mattify your makeup. Primers seal the pores and prevent the production of oil on the skin which further helps your skin stay flawless and oil-free for a longer period of time. Using a primer prevents your skin from getting that shine on different areas of your face throughout the day.

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Hydrates Dry Skin

Those blessed with dry skin know the struggle. Using a lot of makeup products often makes the skin dry and dull. However, using a primer before using other makeup products prevents your skin from getting dry. Primers keep your skin hydrated while preventing any makeup product damage your delicate skin layers. 

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How To Apply A Primer?

how to use primer for skin

Begin with washing your face and neck properly. Post using a face wash, moisturise your skin well with a moisturer that suits your skin. Take a pea-size amount of makeup primer on your palm and apply it all over your face and neck. Wait for 1 minute for your primer to set well and then start using other makeup products like foundation, concealer among others. 

Can You Apply A Primer When Not Using Other Makeup Products?

Yes! A makeup primer can also be used as is without any other layers of makeup. It works like a layer of moisturiser on your face and also evens out your skin. 

If you are a makeup addict, don't forget to make primer a part of your beauty kit. For more such stories related to beauty, stay tuned! 

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