Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails After Getting Extensions Removed

Your nails start to break more often after you get the extensions removed. Here is how you can get back strong and healthy nails.

Tanya Malik
how to take care of nails after extension removal nail extensions

Nail extensions have become the hottest beauty trend and almost all of us have tried it for once now. However, let's be honest, our natural nails no longer look the same after you get the extensions removed. This is because a lot of buffing, gels, and other chemicals go into the process. Nail extensions have a lot of disadvantages.

They can leave your nails weak and brittle. After you get your nail extensions removed, your nails start to break more often and grow slower. If you have recently got your nail extensions removed, here are some easy and quick tips which will help you take care of your nails well.

Keep The Nail Length Short

After getting the extensions removed, make sure you cut your nails short. Your nails will keep growing naturally but these will not be healthy and strong. You will notice that even if your nails continue to grow naturally, they break quickly and are weak. Cutting your nails off regularly after the extension removal will help you get rid of all the dead nails and help you build new, strong nails.

trim nails

Experts also suggest that you should keep your nails in their natural shape and length after the extension as it prevents them from breaking quickly.

Use A Nail Cream And Cuticle Oil

When you get a nail extension done, a lot of chemicals are used on your nails which leave them dry and damaged. To restore their health, it is important to keep your nails moisturised.

Keep a nail cream (benefits of using hand and nail cream) and cuticle oil handy. Use a nail cream throughout the day whenever your nails feel a little dry. You can apply cuticle oil two times a day.

Apply A Nail Strengthener

It is not a great idea to get back to nail paints soon after you got the extensions removed. All this while, your natural nails had no space to breathe.

nail hardener

However, your nails do get weak after the extensions, and to strengthen them, you need to apply a nail strengthener or hardener regularly. This is a transparent nail paint that feels a little thicker than usual nail polish. You can apply it for 2 weeks everyday to get back those strong nails. After 2 weeks if you still feel your nails are weak, you can apply it twice or thrice a week.

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Keep A Good Gap Before Next Extensions

nail extensions removal

You may want to get back to your extensions as soon as you get them removed but hey, give it some time. After you get the extensions removed, your natural nails need some time to get back healthy. It isn't something that happens overnight. It will take a couple of weeks or even months for your damaged nails to grow out.

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Get A Good Diet

Your nails have suffered enough damage after those extensions and to get your healthy nails back, you need to have a good diet (diet for healthy nails). Consume a diet that is rich in omega-3, biotin among other healthy nutrients which help in strengthening your nails. Add foods like almonds, peanuts, avocados, sweet potatoes, walnuts which are rich in vitamin E and omega-3.

Also, drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. This has a positive effect on your nails.

We hope these tips help you get back healthy and strong nails after the nail extensions. However, if you are unable to treat your damaged nails at home then do consult a professional. For more such tips, stay tuned!