There are many who struggle with weak or brittle nails. If you are one of them there are many ways in which you can nurse them back to perfect health. All you to do is try out some simple home remedies that will help you out but a lot has to do with cautions and precautions. Here are a few pointers that you can work on. 

Olive Oil Soak

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Invest in some extra virgin olive oil and soak your thin and brittle nails in it for ten to fifteen minutes everyday for a month, and then twice every week. This is a rather inexpensive way of dealing with your weakening nails.

Cuticle Cream

Apply some amount of cuticle cream everyday as it will nourish dry cuticles and brittle nails with the vitamin E present in it. Massage your nails every night before sleeping. The reason why cuticles need to be cared for is not just about beauty, but, if the cuticles are cracked and split, it increases the risk of nail infection

Wearing Gloves

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When you are cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house or gardening, wear rubber gloves. Your fingernails dry up, split and peel due to detergents and cleansers. Therefore make gloves your best friend. Also, remember that washing your hands all the time with an antibacterial soap is also very harsh for your nails. Get yourself a gentle cleanser and always moisturise your hands.

Don't Abuse Your Nails

Your nails are not tools for opening tough soda cans, tearing bags or any other such purpose. Get a real tool to do such things and stop abusing your nails please.

Don't Use Fake Nails

Yes they look pretty but quit using fake nails. Did you know that frequent use of fake nails can lead to nail fungus? Reason being that they are glued on top of your natural nails which creates a gap in between, making it a breeding ground for fungus and bacterial infection. 

Stay Away From Acetone

Most nail polish removers contain acetone which is very harmful for your nails. It drys out your nails and makes them prone to chipping and breakage. 

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Nail Buffing

Get yourself a nail buffer as it increases blood supply to the nail matrix and smoothens the uneven edges of your nails. To top it all, a buffing tool gives a natural shine to your nail.

Healthy Diet

A major reason why nails become so weak and brittle is the poor diet we follow. Bring some changes to your diet, include healthy food which should be rich in vitamin A,B,C,D and E with folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc and biotin. 

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