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Makeup Tips For Casual Wear!

Going for an informal get-together and don't know how to do your makeup? Here is a guide on casual makeup look!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -14 Jul 2021, 10:16 ISTUpdated -14 Jul 2021, 10:44 IST
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When it comes to fashion, it is never easy! We are always in a dilemma of how much makeup to wear. How much is too much? The fashion doubts double especially when we are dressing up for a casual event. Maybe a brunch or attending a get-together in the sunny hours. We certainly can’t go dazzling in our shimmering outfits wearing bold makeup, can we? However, no matter how casual they say the get-together is, there are going to be people pulling off the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look and then you might just end up looking like you came straight from bed. For times like these when you don’t know how to wear your makeup on your casual yet outing wear, we have come up with a fool-proof guide for you that we assure will work perfectly on your look!

Let The Eyes Talk

kareena kapoor casual makeup one

Image Credit: kareena kapoor khan instagram

The first rule of casual makeup is not colouring every part of your face in loud shades. You have your cheekbones, your lips and your eyes that can be applied makeup on. We suggest you opt for a look where you do your eyes in dark shades and let your lip colour be nude. This goes perfect for a get-together that is in the afternoon. Dress up in casual and do your eyes bold so you will easily be able to fit with the ‘no-makeup’ as well as the ‘loads of makeup’ group! 

The Dewy Look

ananya pandey dewy makeup look one

Image Credit: ananya pandey instagram

A radiant look that will make you look perfect for a fun afternoon outing! Your face will look fresh and glowing. With this makeup, we suggest you wear more of floral attires, be it a cute dress or a top and jeans, this makeup will make you look luminous! All you have to do is start with a primer and evenly massage your face with it. Apply a light coverage foundation on top. Have your lips covered in a gloss instead of lipstick and set your makeup with a setting spray. The primer will illuminate your look and the lip gloss will make you look youthful. However, if you are someone who just does not apply makeup, you can just apply your normal face cream, opt for a little oily one. Apply lip gloss and also use the same gloss on your cheeks(read on cheek tints)! You can apply kajal or eyeliner, but not together. 

The Loud Lips

As the name suggests, for this look you have to focus on your lips. Wear a good dark lipstick, and let your hair free. We suggest you go with a glossy matte lipstick. For your eyes, just apply light kajal and mascara. The combination of mascara and kajal is seriously underrated in the beauty world. Don’t put any tint on your cheeks or your eyes and boast this casual yet sultry look!

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All Minimal

disha patani makeup look one

Image Credit: disha patani instagram

For this look, you will apply shades on all parts of your face but minimal. There will not be one part that will be overshadowing the others. This look goes best if you don’t know what kind of makeup will the other people at the party wear. All you have to do is apply light makeup, light lip shade(not necessarily nude), and light golden eyes. We recommend the colour golden because that goes perfectly with any kind of look. The moment you choose another colour for your eyes, they will be highlighted. 

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The Basic Look

sara ali khan makeup look one

Image Credit: sara ali khan instagram

This is the most basic look, perfect if you do not want to do any makeup at all but still look like you are going to an event. Lucky for you this look will fit perfectly with your casual wear. All you have to do is wear dark kajal, dark eyeliner, very light lip colour and just apply your normal face cream. You can apply mascara if you wish otherwise this look would suffice on its own as well! This casual look will be quick, easy to wear and focus on your eyes!

We hope that now you know how to get ready for a casual event. If you found this article helpful, stay tuned to Her Zindagi! 

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