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    Janhvi Kapoor's Makeup Tutorial Is Super Easy & A Must Try!

    Get the right makeup look using this makeup tutorial by Janhvi Kapoor which is easy to follow and you will have most of the products with you.
    Updated at - 2021-06-03,15:23 IST

    Looking for a sober makeup tutorial that you can try at home? Here is a makeup tutorial by Janhvi Kapoor in collaboration with Nykaa, which was posted on Nykaa's YouTube channel and we thought why not share it with our HerZindagi readers. So if you are a makeup junkie, in love with doing the right kind of makeup that our stars do then continue reading.

    Janhvi began the tutorial with first explaining that she had to go for a brunch party so it is a day time makeup look that she is going to show us all.  She began the tutorial by first tying up her hair.

    janhvi makeup one

    This is her go-to look which she normally does and not for an event as that is when she has makeup artistes helping her out. Here since she had to wear a white dress, she opted for a peachy look.

    Step 1: Concealer. She used the yellow corrector as she was told by someone that she has a yellow undertone. 

    She dabbed a bit under her eye. Meanwhile, she mentioned that she hates it when you can tell that the person is wearing makeup, she likes it subtle. 

    janhvi makeup three

    Next she took a foundation and dabbed a coin size on the back of her hand, in the shade ivory. She infact used it as a concealer because she doesn't like using a foundation. She applied it again over her under eyes where she had used the other concealer.

    janhvi makeup four

    Next, she worked on her eyebrows by using a spoolie first and brushing out her eyebrows to know the shape she has to work into. She then used an eyebrow pencil to cover the gaps and define a shape.

    janhvi makeup five

    Next came an eyeshadow, where she picked a brown shade on her brush and besides applying it on her lids, she shaded her lower lash lines as well. Reason? To make them look softer and bigger. 

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    janhvi makeup six

    Then she applied some of the brown shadow on her crease as well, in a "windshield wiper motion". Next came a highlighter wherein she picked up a darker colour for the eyelid, to give her eyes a dewy eye look. 

    janhvi makeup seven

    Now onto the kajal, she used a jet black pencil which she used on her upper eyelids. Janhvi shared that she picked this up from her mother Sridevi whom we all know had beautiful, big eyes. 

    janhvi makeup eight

    Now came in the blush, where she picked a darker pink shade. Quick tip from Janhvi: If your blush is deeply pigmented then dab off your brush before applying it, so that you get rid of the extra colour on the brush. Then smile and apply the blush. Janhvi shared that a blush can make you look fresh even when " you are dying inside".

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    janhvi makeup nine

    Next came in a highlighter which she loves. Janhvi shared that she always tells the makeup artist that "mujhe highligher mein duba do". She even applied some on her forehead and on the bridge of her nose.

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    janhvi makeup ten

    She finished her look with the pretty pout by using first a lip liner. Then she mixed few different nude shades of crayons to make another colour and dabbed it all over her lips using her index finger. Janhvi says she likes to dab her lipsticks as well and not swipe it across.

    For more such celeb makeup tutorials, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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