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    Beauty Quickies With T: My 4 All-Time Favourite Nude Lip Shades

    There is an endless variety of nude lip shades in the market but I always have these four in my makeup bag. 
    Updated at - 2021-06-15,17:39 IST
    nude lipsticks for indian skin tone kay beauty maybelline miniso ruby organics

    Ever since I was introduced to lipsticks, I had an inclination towards nude lip shades. I was never someone who would jump with joy seeing a 'Ruby Woo'. It was never my taste, never will be, I guess. 

    When it comes to makeup, my taste is quite low-key. I might like to experiment on a few days but most days, I like to keep it toned down, very natural and minimal. 

    So, nude shades usually range between pinks and browns, colours very close to your natural lip colour. The good thing is that now we don't just have regular lipsticks but lip tints, creams, and liquid lip shades too. 

    I thought of sharing with you which ones are my all-time favourites and why. Read on. 

    Flawless By Miniso

    Shade - 01 - Tea Rose

    Price - INR 200

    flawless miniso

    Honestly, I have already finished about 5-6 bottles of this matte lip gloss. Ever heard of a matte lip gloss? I am not a fan of matte lipsticks so wasn't sure if this one would work for me. It did. I picked it up from Miniso. I liked the shade and thankfully there was a tester available. 

    On days you want some lip colour on your lips but something that isn't OTT, like something you would like to wear with a heavy smokey eye. This is that one shade. 

    A beautiful mix of pink and brown, this one feels like a gloss when you apply it but turns into a matte creamy consistency. It lasts for a good time. Even after hours of eating and drinking, you still have that light tint that doesn't look bad at all! 

    Powder Matte By Maybelline

    Shade - Touch Of Nude

    Price - INR 299

    powder matte touch of nude

    Believe me, I was so happy when I got my hands on this shade. This is that one nude lip shade that can brighten up my lips on a dull day without actually making my lips calling for attention. The powder matte formula is something I had tried for the first time but really liked. It is soft on your lips and has good lasting power.  I use it on days I want to get dressed up a little but not way too much, maybe just with some mascara and a wing eyeliner. 

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    Crayon Lipstick By Kay Beauty

    Shade - Scripted

    Price - INR 799

    kay beauty scripted

    If you are regular Indian skin tone just like me, this is the shade you must have in your beauty kit. It's a pink-brown nude shade, goes well with almost all medium skin tones or Indian skin tones. The consistency is creamy, it glides softly. (lip shades for Indian skin tones)

    The product has a good pigmentation so you might feel too much in one go at times. For that, I take some product on my finger and dab it on my lips for a soft colour. 

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    Lip Tint By Ruby Organics

    Shade - Poppy Pink

    Price - INR 1100

    ruby organics lip tint

    I am still new to the world of lip tints but can say that this one I will surely repurchase. This one comes in a cute, little glass container. A beautiful, natural pink shade that doesn't look as bright as on your lips. 

    Applying this lip tint is more like just adding some hint of colour to your lips. The shade is very close to the colour of my natural lips. It is so fun to apply, can be used as a blush or an eyeshadow too. 

    Especially for girls like us, who are blessed with natural, Indian skin colour, it might all feel like a big task to pick the right nude lip colour but I thought of sharing some of my personal tips with you all. 

    So, firstly, see if you can try the lips shade in natural sunlight. This will help you find your perfect shade. If it's difficult, see pictures shared by the brand online. A lot of brands showcase how the colour would look on different skin tones. Pick the one that is closer to your skin tone. I have tried it many times, I ended up picking a wrong shade sometimes but it did teach me a lesson and helped me learn how to pick the right one for me. 

    Make sure you don't choose something too light or too dark as per your skin tone. When picking nude lipsticks, always choose shades that are close to the colour of your natural lips. 

    Tell me which one is your favourite nude lip shade and why on our Facebook page. For more such beauty stories, stay tuned! 




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