The lotus is an aquatic perennial native that is to parts of southern Asia, Australia. India and Vietnam have it as their national flower too. The roots of this flower are planted on the water bed and the leaves emerge on top of the surface of the water. The lotus features circular leaves which help it to float properly. 

Lotus is a heat producing plant, these flowers sustain a temperature of 85-95 degrees F, even if there is 50 degree F outside. From the flower to the leaves, the seeds and the lotus oil all elements that make up lotus, are greatly filled with health boosting ingredients and are thus, great for the skin and hair. Let us take a look at the benefits the lotus oil has to offer to the skin and hair.

Benefits Of Lotus Oil For Skin


  • Lotus flower is known for being filled with healthful nutrients that are super essential for overall health. From Vitamin B, C, fibre and minerals like copper, iron and zinc, lotuses are a fount of these nutritious elements.
  • Talking about the skin benefits lotus oil is known to rejuvenate and revive the dull and lifeless skin deep from within.
  • Further, the plant compounds combined with the various vitamins and minerals, the essential oil is capable of purifying the skin by working on the pores and making your skin more fresh and vibrant.
  • Apart from that, the lotus essential oil is a great conditioner for the skin. It hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin and reduces the inflammation caused.
  • Not only that the oil also acts as the perfect exfoliator, it has alpha-hydroxy acids that improve the elasticity and slow down the ageing of the skin.
  • Lastly, this oil is also just the go to ingredient to achieve that flawless youthful look. It firms and tightens the skin and removes wrinkles and dark spots from it.

Benefits of Lotus Oil For Hair


  • A regular application of this essential oil(essential oils that induce sleep) may prove to be really beneficial for your hair too. It has vitamin C which is known for its strong antioxidant properties. The antioxidants fight the free radicals present in the body and help in promoting better scalp health.
  • The iron present in the lotus flower improves the blood flow in the scalp and makes it nourished and keeps it perfectly hydrated.
  • Moreover, this oil also works on brittle and wavy hair and wards off all the frizz from the hair making them silky and smooth.
  • Just like the skin, this oil is also known to remove the inflammation in the scalp, and a reduction in inflammation may mean less dirt and dandruff. 
  • Apply this oil with a carrier oil at least twice a week to reduce hair thinning problems and make your hair thick and strong.

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Here’s A Lotus Oil Face Mask To Try


To make this face mask(try peach face mask to get flawless skin) all you need is milk and lotus oil along with some crushed lotus petals. Make a puree of the lotus petals and then in a bowl mix the lotus oil, petals puree, and using your fingers apply it on your face. Let it dry for about 30 minutes and then wash off with arm water. This mask not only brings a radiant shine to the face but will also make it look even and beautiful.

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