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5 Lipstick Hacks You Should Know To Knock Off Those Gorgeous Lips

Let your gorgeous lips do the talking! Here are 5 hacks to save your day!
Published -13 Jan 2022, 13:59 ISTUpdated -13 Jan 2022, 14:07 IST
lipstick hacks

Lipsticks have been something that has become essential as we carry them daily in our little handbags. A handbag is truly empty without lipstick. While the pandemic is here to stay, a mask sure does make the lipstick bleed from underneath. Here are 5 hacks you should know if you wish to ace that gorgeous lip! 

Using A Translucent Powder 

When your lipstick is done, you can layer your lips with a blotting sheet or a single-ply tissue paper and let it sit for a second or two. 

Take some translucent powder and dab it onto your lip with a gentle touch using a brush over the tissue or sheet layering. Remember to flick it before you dab the brush onto your lips. 

You can then remove the sheet or the single-ply tissue and your lipstick will be done. 

This hack ensures a long duration to your lipstick stain. This hack also allows you to mattify your lipstick if you love a glossy shade colour but want a matte finish to it! 

Using Concealer

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You can add a layering of concealer before you decide to go with coloured lipstick to neutralize your lips if they have any pigmentation. 

You can also use concealer on a small brush to allow yourself to correct the errors after the application of lipstick. 

A concealer is made of a much thicker formula as compared to a foundation, thus giving a smooth base to a lipstick shade and also a great correctional beauty product. 

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Ombre Lips 

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Apply the lipstick as your normal beauty procedure asks you to, but let some space free for a lighter shade of lipstick to merge in between. You can add more than 1 shade into another. 

Apply a much lighter shade in the middle part of the lip area. Take a brush and blend the lipstick shades together. 

You can also blend the lipsticks together using your fingers alone. 

Drawing X 

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To make your lips appear fuller and larger in appearance, you can go for this massively spoken about hack, the X hack. 

Help yourself and find a lip liner with a darker shade of the colour that you are planning to apply all over. 

While mapping out your lips, remember to go a little over your original lip line. Do not go way beyond, it may seem very unnatural. 

As you come near to your cupid’s bow, draw an X to get the perfect shape.

Fill in with the normal lip shade you pick. 

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Blotting Paper

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We have another hack to help you sustain your lipstick for a longer stay than the usual time. 

As you are done with applying your lipstick, take a blotting paper and damp your lips on the sheet 2-3 times. 

It’s okay to see your lipstick come off a little on the sheet. We will go again and re-apply with another layering of the lipstick and you’ll be all set to leave your home aboard. 

We really hope our hacks will help you ace your gorgeous, desired and fuller lip. Want to know more? Connect with us over our official Instagram page and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!

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