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    7 Tips To Apply Lipstick Like A Pro!

    Great lips can really set off your style, but what’s the best way to choose and apply lipstick? Here' your guide!
    Updated at - 2019-05-17,16:33 IST
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    “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” Believe it or not, no makeup look is complete without adding a pop of colour to your lips. Great lips can really set off your style, but what’s the best way to choose and apply lipstick? There are definitely some tips that you should follow for a perfect look. From making sure it doesn’t smudge to not stain your teeth, let’s explore a few insider beauty tips that makeup artists swear by.

    Prep Your Lips

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    Prepping is key! Nobody wants to walk around with dry, chapped lips. Exfoliate with a soft, damp toothbrush and hydrated by applying a nourishing lip balm to make those lips soft, supple and healthy-looking. 

    Apply A Base

    Worried about discolouration? Here comes base to your rescue! Choose a concealer shade that matches your lip colour and dab a little on with a flat brush. Now, seal the base by applying some compact on it.  My favourite is MAC prep + Prime base and it is also recommended by professional makeup artists. Buy here at a discounted price of Rs 480

    Use A Lip Liner

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    Concerned about colour fading? Start with a sharp lip primer. You can also use a lip liner to get a crisp and long-lasting colour. Usually, lip liner is waxier, so it holds your lipstick at the place. 

    Trace over your natural lip line to get a more defined, precise and polished look. My favourite is Lakme 9 to 5 Lip liners, it has a moderately smooth texture. Buy here at a discounted price of Rs 296.

    Apply The Lipstick

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    Once you are done with the above steps, take out your lipstick, and apply it evenly using your lip brush. But don’t miss out the inner corners. Ensure you apply it within the corners of your lined lips.

    Note: If you have dry lips, avoid using matte lipstick as it will make your lips even more dry!

    Add Definition

    This is optional but if you want to give your lips that pouty look, you can add a subtle hint of lip gloss. Use a concealer brush and work on your edges to correct the shape of your lips.

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    Make It Crisp

    End up with lipstick where you didn’t want it? Here comes your foundation to your rescue! Apply concealer or foundation to hid the lipstick mark. Use a concealer brush to carefully run it around the line of your lips to get that perfect finish!

    So, ladies, you’re all set to head out and light the world on fire! Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such articles.

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