I love lipsticks and to be honest, I have always applied them without a lip liner. Liquid lipsticks have taken over the beauty market like anything and I never really felt like a need a lip liner. 

However, with time, I realised that why lip liners never really went out of trend. Investing in a lip liner instead of a new lipstick was a tough decision for me initially but I am happy that I got one. 

Here, I thought of sharing with you the benefits of using a lip liner with your regular or liquid lipsticks. Read on. 

Helps Shape Thin And Uneven Lips

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly shaped lips, while some of us have thin lips, others have uneven lips. Not many of us are happy with our natural lips and that's when a lip liner comes to rescue. You can outline your lips with a liner to give them shape. You can use a lip liner a little darker than the natural colour of your lips and get more defined and looking lips. 

Makes Your Lipstick Last For Longer

long stay lipstick

We all want our lipstick to stay for a long time and using a lip liner can do the trick. To make your lipstick stay for longer, first outline your lips with a liner and then fill in your lips with the lip liner or pencil. You can also use a brush to apply it. Follow with your lipstick. This lip liner at the base of your lips will hold your lipstick for a longer period of time. 

Adds Volume To Your Lips

Who doesn't want thick and fuller lips? Lip liners or pencils can help you get a fuller pout. Start to draw a little away from your lips. Make sure the liner colour is close to that of your lipstick. First, outline the upper and lower lip and then fill it in with a liner. Follow with your lipstick. For a more plumped effect, you can use a lip gloss in a lighter shade in the center of your lips. 

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Prevents Liquid Lipstick From Bleeding

lip liner pencil

Liquid lipsticks have taken over regular lipsticks and most of us prefer going for them because they keep our lips moisturised for longer and are easier to apply. But liquid lipsticks do have a disadvantage over other lipsticks, they bleed more. Using a lip liner can help prevent your liquid lipstick from bleeding because it creates a boundary to your lips. 

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Give You Matte Lips

Matte lips are the hottest trend of the season and the simplest way of getting them is by using a lip liner. Lip liners have a matte formula and can help you make your matte lipstick stay. Another way is outlining the lips with the liner and then filling the lips with the same liner. They will give a matte finish and stay for long too. 

Choosing The Right Lip Liner

right lip liner

Lip liners are available in a variety and one can easily choose as per their preference. Pencil lip liners are the most commonly used ones and believed to be better than twist-up sticks. Pencil lip liners can be sharpened and give a more defined line. Also, they are avialable in a wide variety of colours and can be purchased according to the lip colours you wear. For bold colours, you can opt for matching, dark shades or you can simply invest in a colour that is close to your natural lip colour. 

Have these benefits convinced you enough to buy a lip liner for yourself? Share your thoughts with us!