Kaolin Clay, also known as China clay or white clay is a clay that is composed of the mineral kaolinite. This clay is generally bright white in colour but the different colours that you get to see are because of the different composition and the different minerals found in the clay. 

Kaolinite has layers of silicate that ensure a very remarkably glowing face and is the reason behind the popularity of this clay.  Not only that, but this clay is also known to be greatly beneficial for all skin types, and using this can result in very soft and beautiful skin. Therefore we suggest you to go ahead and use the organic kaolin clay, add it to your regular beauty regime and see a change in the health of your skin within a few weeks. 

So, if you still need to be convinced about what kaolin clay actually offers and thinking whether or not you should add kaolin clay to your regime then take a look at these benefits and find out everything you need to know about this magical clay.

Kaolin Clay Is A Natural Cleanser 

kaolin clay

Cleaning the skin is something that kaolin clay can do very well. The clay has the power to penetrate deep within the skin. Plus, it can clear out the impurities and the dirt and that too without being too harsh on the skin. This, therefore, is greatly helpful for reducing acne and breakouts on the skin. Apart from cleansing, this clay can help in reducing acne and pimples by absorbing the extra oils present in the skin. 

It's A Great Exfoliator

The kaolin clay is also a very good exfoliator it can remove the bacteria and remove the germs and dead skin that clog the pores of your skin.

Kaolin Clay Evens Out Your Skin

kaolin clay

Brightening each and every cell of your face evenly(diy beetroot serum for even skin tone), the application of this clay can help you achieve a very naturally even and smooth skin tone as this clay has the power to stimulate your facial skin cells and boost the blood circulation in that region. 

It Helps Soothe The Skin 

A regular application of this clay(kaolin clay diy face masks) can help you soothe the irritation and inflammation in the skin. The clay is endowed with healing properties that can very well calm down irritation and other such sensations in the skin.  So, if you suffer from this problem of skin irritation then kaolin clay is just what you need to get rid of the various problems.

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It Helps In Toning The Skin

Not only the cleansing and exfoliating, but the clay also has very amazing benefits including natural toning. The clay keeps the skin moisturised and also helps in locking in the moisture for long. Plus like we said, it stimulates the blood flow and helps in blurring away the signs of aging by making the skin absolutely spotless and bright.

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It Detoxifies The Skin


This clay has numerous great effects for the skin, and the best one is definitely flushing out the toxins from the skin. This clay helps in neutralizing the pH levels of the skin by making it less acidic and removing all the toxins that cause skin troubles. So, if you have such skin issues too, kaolin clay is the way to go!

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