If you care about your skin and do not want to age early then make sure that you are not repeating these bad habits. Some of them have become so second to our nature that we may not even be realising that it is wrong. So here is a list of all those habits that you must get rid of.


sunscreen mistake

I cannot stress enough on this factor. Sunscreen should always be with you which you can apply hour or so. Get a gel-based one of a lotion is too thick and sticky for you. You get wrinkles, your skin gets saggy and many even get rashes if they are allergic to the sun rays. Make sure you use a minimum of SPF 30. The sunscreen should be a shield against both UVA & UVB rays. Do not be meager with the application. Apply it on your face and your body generously and buy these tubes and bottles during sales so that the price does not pinch you while applying so much of the product. 

Ignoring Your Neck & Chest

We all have a skincare routine be it a full Korean one or a simple cream application. But where we go wrong is when we neglect our neck and chest. Many feel that these are exposed the least but the fact is that the skin on our chest and neck is very delicate and photoaging is inevitable. So when you apply a serum, a facial oil, a cream, a sunscreen or an exfoliating agent, make sure you do not forget your neck and chest. 

Over Exfoliating

oat scrubbing

Yes, squeaky clean skin feels oh so good in the intial stages but the real issue begins when the oil production of our skin goes for a toss. The breakouts become frequent and the dry rashes become very obvious. Exfoliate thrice a week and that is enough. 

Staying Up Late

Getting less sleep is not a very good idea not just for your mental well-being but also for your skin. It can make things worse as it aggravates acne, psoriasis and eczema. When we sleep, it repairs the damage our day may have put the skin through. By not sleeping, you are disrupting the process and confusing the skin cells which slows down the cell turnover. This disrupting the process of sleep becomes an obstacle for the blood flow to the skin. 

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Not Washing Your Face At Night

If you wash your face just in the morning and not at night then it is a huge mistake you have been making so far. There is a lot of oil build-up which clogs the pores and makes pimples. So at night, make sure you keep it basic Wash your face, sprinkle some rose water and once it is soaked in, apply the night cream or sleeping mask that you use. 

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Neglecting Eyes

eye makeup sh mistakes

The skin around your eyes is very delicate. It is thin and whatever your body is going through, reflects on your face via the windows to your heart. We torture our eyes a lot. We keep rubbing them, put on makeup and abuse them in a sense. When you rub your eyes, you put the delicate blood vessels at risk. This can lead to the darkening and thickening of the skin around. Your eyes start looking dull as well. Apply a good eye gel or cream before sleeping at night. Be gentle with application movement and stop rubbing

These are basic habits that you must work on for good skin. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.