Getting the best kind of nails requires a lot of effort and it becomes even more challenging for those who are not too careful while working. Although nails are the fastest growing tissues in the body growing them long and making them perfect is the major part of the struggle. 

But if you see nothing is actually that difficult in the times we are living from beauty solutions to instant food and so much more the things we couldn’t imagine a few years back are now being used by us extensively. Therefore in order to reduce our nail struggles, we have a lot of solutions and one popular solution is using acrylic powder. Let us find out how you can use it and how well it works for beautifying your nails.

How To Use Acrylic Powder

acrylic powder

  • Before using acrylic powder you will have to prepare your nails. To prepare your nails, take some cotton and dip it in a nail polish remover with acetone.  Rub the cotton against each nail and clean the nails properly. 
  • Now you will have to decide whether you will be adding a nail tip and then be applying the acrylic powder or you want to apply it simply on your nails.
acrylic powder
  • Buff away the nail plate and then go ahead and apply bond and primer over your nail bed in order to prevent the lifting or falling off of your acrylic nail.
  • Next, take the acrylic powder colour of your choice then roll your jar to allow the smooth and adequate dispersal of the powder.
  • Next, take the monomer and a nail brush and dip them into the monomer solution. Wipe off excess liquid and make sure it stays on the end of the brush without falling off it. 
acrylic powder
  • Further, apply the monomer on the acrylic powder layer and gather enough powder to apply it to the nail in a single bead without patches.
  • Now make sure your nail bed(nail art kit tools) is completely smooth and glossy and when it is, you will know that it is the right time to apply it to the nail. 
  • Place the bead a hairline away from your cuticle and take it towards the free end of your nail extending it slowly and carefully.

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  • If your bead feels too dry while spreading over the nail, you can also dip it in the monomer as needed.
  • Gently use the body of the brush to spread the whole thing and remember to take it slowly. 
  • Also, keep tapping with the brush to make sure that the application is smooth.

After The Acrylic Dries

acrylic powder

  • Once the acrylic starts drying tap with the brush and release it from the bead you will also hear a clicking sound to find out that it was all done finely.
  • Next, take a filer or buffer and smoothen the edges and the top of the nail. Make sure that the nails are in perfect shape and become smooth at the end of the process.
  • Finally, take a gloss finish nail polish and paint your nails nicely with it. Your acrylic nails are ready!

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