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    How To Make Your Own Illuminating Cream And Benefits Of Using It

    Illuminating creams give your makeup up a natural, dewy finish. 
    Published -07 Nov 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -07 Nov 2021, 11:23 IST
    what is illuminating cream benefits how to use

    Illuminating creams have taken over beauty kits lately. These now turned staple beauty goods are getting popular for all right reasons and if you know none, this guide is for you. 

    Illuminating creams or illuminators have a moisturiser like consistency and give your skin a natural, all over glow. The basic purpose of using an illuminating cream is to give your face a sublte glow. 

    Illuminating creams are available in the market but if you aren't sure if you should invest in this product yet then you can make one for yourself at home. You can prepare an illuminator using just two ingredients.

    How To Make Illuminating Cream?

    Ingredients Required - 

    • Moisturiser 
    • Highlighter

    Directions - 

    moisturiser illuminator

    • In a bowl, add some moisturiser as per your skip type. Scrape out some highlighter from the palette and add it to the moisturiser. Mix well. You can use any highlighter shade of your choice. 
    highlighter illuminating cream
    • Do a patch test on your hand. Add moisturiser and highlighter as required. 
    • Transfer to a clean container, tube and your illuminating cream is ready for use. 

    How To Use Illuminating Cream?

    illuminating cream how oto use

    • Always prime your face first if you are going for a heavy makeup. Pick a silicon or cream base primer as per your skin type and dab it on to your skin gently. 
    • Take some illuminating cream on your fingers and massage on your face and neck gently. You can also mix the illuminating cream with your foundation and blend it. 
    • You can also use the illuminating cream as is just for a subtle, natural glow on your face. 

    Different Ways To Use Illuminating Cream

    • Also known as strobe cream, illuminating creams can be used in more than just one way while doing your makeup. 
    • You can use an illuminating cream to highlight the high points of your face. Using a highlighter or a fluffy blending brush, pick some illuminating cream and use on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, forehead and cupid's bow. 
    • On days you want to go minimal, you can just apply some illuminating cream and follow with some blush. 
    • Illuminating cream can be used as a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. This will make your eyes appear bigger and wider. 

    Benefits of Using Illuminating Cream

    Glossy Face Base

    For that natural, subtle glowing base, all you need to add to your foundation is some illuminating cream. By mixing your foundation with the illuminator, you get a glossy mix which gives you that shiny, stunning makeup base. Follow with concealer, powder, blush, contour and you are party ready!

    Takes Away Dullness

    To get rid of that dullness, you can use an illuminating cream. It lifts your face instantly by giving a natural, beautiful glow to your face. You can use it as is or with your foundation. 

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    Hydrates Skin

    If you have naturally dry and dehyrated skin, illuminating creams can do wonders for you. Applying a layer of illuminating cream will hydrate your skin and make it feel a lot more soft and smooth. 

    Tell us your thoughts on using an illuminating cream. Have you used it before? How has been your experience like? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned! 

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