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Make Your Own BB Cream At Home In No Time

Make DIY BB cream at home and see glowing results on face.
Published -01 Feb 2022, 11:52 ISTUpdated -01 Feb 2022, 12:07 IST
  • Lakshita Singh
  • Editorial
  • Published -01 Feb 2022, 11:52 ISTUpdated -01 Feb 2022, 12:07 IST
bb cream at home

BB cream, or 'beauty blemish' or 'beauty balm' is a popular item in the world of beauty. Even if you're new to the world of makeup, you must have heard about BB cream and it's wonders. BB creams first gained popularity in Korea and then swept the worldwide beauty market. They can now be found in nearly every makeup lover's beauty kit.

But despite the fact that the cream works wonders on the skin, it can be somewhat costly. But the good news is that making your own BB cream at home is quite simple and does not cost much. Here's how you can make your own BB cream at home with just a few basic ingredients:

How To Make BB Cream At Home?


  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Sunscreen

Step 1- Take Some Moisturizer

mouisturiser on hand

Take a face moisturizer that goes well with your skin. In general, lotions and liquids work better on dry skin, while cream moisturisers work better on oily skin.

Step 2- Add Foundation

Then, add your favourite foundation and blend, blend, blend. Since the foundation colour will lighten after you dilute it with the other ingredients, use a liquid foundation that is a few shades darker than you normally use for best results.

Step 3- Add Primer

For a smoother paste, combine primer with your mixture. The use of a primer can also help the BB cream linger longer on the skin. It can also give a more matte finish.

Step 4- Add Sunscreen

sunscreen on hand

Next, take a  small amount of sunscreen and combine it to the mix. 

Step 5- Mix Them Well

Mix all the ingredients well. Your BB cream is ready for use. 

Step 6- Make Adjustments If Required

Apply the colour to your neck to test the colour of your DIY BB cream. To see how it will look, dab a drop on your neck and rub it in. The BB cream should be a close match to your skin tone and blend seamlessly into your neck, leaving no visible lines.

Adjust the colour by adding more foundation or moisturiser to the cream if the colour doesn't match. To darken the colour of the cream and increase the amount of coverage, add more foundation. If you want to lighten the shade and make the coverage more sheer, add more moisturiser. Stir in the products a bit at a time, adjusting as necessary, until you get the perfect shade.

How To Store BB Cream?

You can store this cream in an airtight container. If you want to keep using it and get the greatest benefits, prepare this DIY BB cream only for 5-6 uses and make a new batch every week.

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How To Apply BB Cream?

bb cream on face

BB creams are very easy to use. Simply take the cream and dot the cream all over your face and neck. 

You can easily blend it with your fingertips or a blending sponge. It is recommended to always dap your beauty blender and then use it as then the sponge will soak less amount of product.

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Benefits Of BB Cream:

  • BB creams blend easily and give light coverage.
  • BB creams can give you a matte finish and evens out skin tone.
  • BB cream helps cover any pigmentation on your face.
  • BB creams give a sheer and long lasting coverage. 
  • BB creams come with moisturizing properties which keeps your skin hydrated all day long.
  • BB creams come with sun protection which doesn't let the UV rays harm your skin. 

These DIY BB cream works wonderfully on the skin, but it's always recommended to do a patch test first before going for it. Try this DIY BB cream at home and share your thoughts with us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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