Every time you go for a hair oiling session at the salon, your hair is put under the hair steamer for a couple of minutes. Have you ever thought about what that steamer actually does to your hair? 

Well, if you want healthy hair, hair steaming is one step you can't miss. During the process, your hair gets wet air which helps in opening up the pores and hair follicles of your scalp which is further great for your hair health. 

Benefits Of Steaming Hair After Oiling

Increases Hair Growth

Has your hair stopped growing? Steaming is a great way to encourage hair growth. When you steam your hair, natural oils flow into your scalp. These oils help in nourishing your scalp. They increase the blood flow in your scalp and give you long and healthy hair.

Improves Scalp Health

scalp health oiling hair

For healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. To treat any of your hair-related issues like hair thinning, dandruff, itching among others, you need to first take care of your scalp. 

Steaming your hair after oiling helps you get rid of all the hair woes. It opens up the pores of your hair and helps you get rid of these hair issues. Steaming helps in removing any dead skin accumulated on your scalp. A fresh, clean scalp helps the nutrients penetrate better which is great for your hair growth as well.

Hydrates Hair

If you have dry hair then steaming your hair after oiling is a must! Steaming your hair helps you add moisture to your hair. It makes your dry and brittle hair, soft and smooth. 

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Improves Hair Elasticity

For healthy hair, your hair should have good elasticity. Good hair elasticity means your hair expands and shrinks but doesn't break. Steaming your hair helps in improving your hair elasticity. This prevents issues like hair fall and hair thinning. 

Reduces Dandruff

reduces dandruff hair steaming

Most of us who suffer from dandruff have a dry scalp (step-by-step scalp treatment). Dryness is one of the reasons why your dandruff problem comes back again and again. When you steam your hair, your scalp gets moisture. Steaming your hair after oiling helps the oil reach the roots which help you get rid of dandruff completely.

Cleanses And Detoxifies Hair

We use so many different hair products. Do you know that all the hair care products we use on our tresses leave some residue? Not just that, our hair is exposed to different environmental factors like polluted air, dust, dirt among others. These get accumulated on our scalp which leads to buildup and it further prevents the growth of our hair. 

Steaming your hair after oiling helps in clearing all the buildup on the scalp. The process makes your scalp clean which further helps in hair growth and keeps your hair healthy.

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Not just that, steaming your hair after oiling makes you feel calm. It is a great way to get relief from stress after a long day at work. When there is a reduction in stress, your hair grows well and you notice lesser hair fall. 

You will usually spot a hair steamer at the salon. However, if you don't have one at home then you can steam your hair using a warm towel. It does the same trick. The steam from the hot towel helps in hydrating your hair. 

Do try steaming your hair after oiling for all these amazing benefits. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned!