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This Guide Will Help You Apply Foundation In The Correct Way

Using a beauty blender is the easiest and effective way of blending the foundation well. 
Published -03 Jan 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -01 Jan 2021, 02:28 IST
foundation application tips

Ladies, our entire makeup game can fail if the foundation isn't right. Foundation is a makeup product that sets the base of your face. It is used to even out your skin colour, cover the blemishes. If your foundation isn't right, your face can start to look cakey, discoloured. 

It is not just important to choose the right foundation but also apply it perfectly to get a flawless makeup look. When applied by makeup artists, your foundation looks so perfect but what happens when you apply it on your own? Where do you go wrong? 

Well, there can be days when you can't head to a salon to get ready and have to do everything on your own without ending up looking like a disaster. Your makeup just can't do any magic if the foundation isn't right so here is a quick guide which will help you apply it right. Read on. 

Prep Up Your Skin

To create a flawless base for your face, you need to prep up your skin. Prepping involves cleansing your skin and removing any dirt or impurities accumulated on your skin. Use a gentle face wash and cleanse your face and neck well. Follow with a light moisturiser. Massage it gently all over your face and let it sink in. Begin with the next step after 15 minutes of prepping your skin. 

Pick The Right Foundation

best foundation for your skin

Where are you stepping out? Do you need light coverage or a full one? According to the time and nature of the event, pick the right foundation from your kit. If you just want an even skin tone and light to medium coverage then go for a foundation that is hydrating and lightweight. For full coverage, go for a heavy base formula that stays for long. 

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Applying And Blending The Foundation

applying foundation with brush

Most makeup artists use a beauty blender to blend the foundation on the face and neck. As compared to brushes, beauty blenders work well. Using a brush may leave hard lines on your face which can make your face look cakey after a few hours. 

Take some foundation on the back of your hand. Damp the beauty blender with some water and then dab the foundation on your face. You can make small dots using the blender or with your fingers and then blend with the sponge. Make sure that you don't drag or rub the blender but just move it in dabbing motion to ensure a seamless blend. 

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Don't try to use extra foundation on areas that are dark or uneven. These would be covered with a concealer later. Using too much foundation on one area of your face can spoil your entire makeup. Make sure that you don't skip covering your neck or it can make you look strange. 

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Setting The Foundation

After applying a layer of foundation, it is important to set it before applying other products. To set your foundation, you need a big fluffy brush and a loose setting powder or compact powder. Just take some powder and brush through your entire face and neck. Apply more powder on the areas that tend to shine or look oily after a few hours. 

Usually, a lot of women get worried about seeing their face after the foundation as it may look a bit flat. However, keep in mind that the role of a foundation is to even out your face. Using a contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter would further give definition to your face. 

Also, don't worry about the spots or pigmented areas that still remain popped out after the application of the foundation. Post applying the foundation, use a concealer, and cover these areas. 

We hope this guide helps you apply the foundation in the correct way. For more beauty tips, stay tuned! 

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