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    5 High-End Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Buying

    High-end eyeshadows are really a tricky call. Here’s our list of 5 eyeshadow palettes that are worth a purchase!
    Published -08 Oct 2021, 11:51 ISTUpdated -08 Oct 2021, 12:05 IST
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    Eyeshadow palettes have a  huge variety in the market. We generally see palettes worth ₹200 to ₹6000 over the internet or the vendor’s market. Choosing a palette that is worth a purchase is a tough call to make. 

    There are things that need to be kept in mind while picking an eyeshadow palette (Learn How To Prevent Oily Eyelid). Let’s have a look at some. 

    • Pigmentation 

    Pigments are a fine, loose powder and the main ingredient in eyeshadow. They are then accumulated together with a binder which allows the powder to stick together and be compressed into a compact powder to fit into a small cube shape.  The pigmentation of the eyeshadows incorporated in the palette is the essential ingredient. The pigments are what allows the product to stay on the eyelid as well give a gorgeous colour payoff. 

    • Colours 

    The colour combinations in the palette should compliment your skin tone as well as should be diverse from your pre-existing palettes. The main reason to buy multiple palettes is to add versatility to your makeup vanity. 

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    • Budget 

    Pick an eye palette that fits your budget. Budgeting is very important. 

    Here are our picks for 5 top high-end eyeshadow palettes that are worth purchasing! 

    Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette 

    Huda Beauty products have been loved by most makeup lovers because of it’s great pigmentation and colour variety. The rose gold palette is our utmost favourite as the colour combinations are absolutely rosé. The brand has many mini eyeshadow palettes too if you want specific colours in a budget that is much smaller than ₹5.5 thousand rupees. 


    Morphe X Jaclyn Hill 

    If you’re looking for something vibrant, this one's for you. Morphe, in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, introduced the palette on the 13th of February, 2020 and has been a choice for everybody. The palette has been a choice for diverse colours and colour payoff. In India, it is priced at ₹3.7 thousand rupees. 


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    Too Faced Chocolate Bar 

    It is commonly said that the Too Faced's Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette looks and smells so good, you could practically eat it. The colours in the eyeshadow palette are super neutral and chocolaty as they look. The palette is worth ₹9 thousand rupees in India. For a minimal look (Love Minimal Makeup?), this palette is the right one!

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    Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics 

    Urban Decay has a classic range of Naked palettes which are all the nude shades that you can possibly ever think of.  Naked 2 Basics is our favourite high-end nude eyeshadow palette but is not easily available in India. To purchase one, you’ll need to pay international shipping over a purchase of about ₹2 thousand rupees, which is extremely saddening to know, isn’t it? 

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most talked-about brands in the beauty industry. All eyeshadow palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills are exceptionally striking. The packaging is handy as well as beautiful to touch and gaze at. 

    Here were our picks to top 5 high-end eyeshadow palettes, what’s yours? Are we missing something? Connect with us on our official Instagram page and let us know! Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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