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Simple Ways To Make Eyeshadow Pop On Dusky Skin

No look is complete without a bright eyeshadow. Don't worry if you have dusky skin because we have a way to make your eyeshadow pop.
Published -01 Sep 2021, 09:25 ISTUpdated -29 Nov 2021, 19:13 IST
eyeshadow dusky skin main

No makeup look is complete without a bright shade of eyeshadow, especially for young girls. This just takes your look a notch higher and works as a fun element for the eyes. A bright coloured eyeshadow can elevate your look in just a minute.

However, if you have dusky skin, then it might not turn out the way you expected it to be but fret not because we are here with some ways that can perfectly make eyeshadow pop on your beautiful dusky skin.

Eye Primer

Primer is the most important step of applying makeup. Make sure to apply this on your eyelids before you apply eyeshadow as it makes your skin tone even and makes a perfect base on the eyes for eyeshadow.

Not only this but using a primer will make sure that your eyeshadow will last for lon hours and you can click pictures all day long without worrying about your makeup.

Concealer As Base

concealer eyeshadow dusky skin

If you don’t have a primer with you, then don’t worry because we have the perfect alternative for it. Use a concealer as a base. Applying a thin layer of concealer will help to neutralize any kind of discolouration, thus making a great base. This will help any colour of eyeshadow to pop on your skin.

White Eyeshadow

white eyeshadow dusky skin

If you are planning to apply a particular light or pastel shade, then you should know that a primer or a concealer won’t be of any help and you need to do something extra. After applying any of the two, put on a thin layer of white eyeshadow.

This amazing hack will make your eyeshadow pop and the colour will appear on your eyelids just as it is in the colour palette. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in a nice white eyeshadow.

Damp Brush

This is another trick that works wonders. Just like you dampen your makeup sponge or beauty blender to apply foundation on your skin smoothly and without any lines, the same logic applies here.

Just put a few drops of water on your brush and it will help you get the product on your lids as well as make it stick to the lids a lot more easily. This makes your eyeshadow pop a lot better on your skin.

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Apply It The Right Way

right way eyeshadow dusky skin

It is really important to apply the eyeshadow in the right manner as it can make all the difference. If you apply your eyeshadow in a sweeping motion, then it could be a reason why lighter shades of eyeshadow don’t show up properly on your eyelids.

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This is because when you swipe the eyeshadow, it blends the product and reduces its intensity, thus, barely making it visible on the dusky skin tones.

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The right way to apply it is by using a dense eyeshadow brush to pat the product on your eyelids. After this, take a fluffy blending brush and blend the edges gently in order to soften them up and you are good to go. 

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