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Eye Pencil Colours That You Should Try For That Pop Of Colour

If you are looking to give your boring eye makeup look a change, then try these eye pencil colours.
Published -05 Oct 2021, 14:07 ISTUpdated -05 Oct 2021, 16:14 IST
eye pencil colours main

No girl can survive without an eye liner in their makeup kits. We all are fans of the black eyeliner that elevates our look instantly. However, it is time to ditch your old and boring black eyeliner and go for a more playful and quirky eyeliner in a different colour.

Coloured eye liners can instantly add a pop of colour to look and take your outfit a notch higher. Even our Bollywood divas seem to love these coloured eye liners as we have seen them in all shades.

If you are also planning to go all out and try these, then just go for it. Green, blue, pink, whatever colour you choose, it will surely look great and everybody will have their eyes on you. Here are some trending colours that you can choose from.


teal eye pencil colours 

Teal green is currently the most popular colour in the beauty world and it seems that this colour is here to stay. Not only in the beauty industry, but this colour is getting huge recognition overall. So, it’s time that you should also try this colour and apply a teal green winged eyeliner.


Pink never goes out of style as it is an evergreen colour that has been trending in the beauty world since forever. So, hop on the trend and use a pink eye liner that will instantly make your eyes pop. This will surely make a style statement and you will become the new trend setter.


peach eye pencil colours

 You might just think that how would a peach eyeliner make you stand out but you need to try it and the results will be in front. This is the perfect colour for you if you want to experiment and don’t want to go too over the board. Try this and trust me, it will give you the most elegant look.


blue eye pencil colours

This one is an obvious choice as it is trending for quite some time. You might have also tried this one already and we are sure that you love it. If you want to experiment with the blue colour, then you should try different hues of it and try some different patterns on your lids.

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Hot Red

If you want to look smoking hot, then red is the colour for you. This colour is perfect for a party and date night look. Just try out this intense shade, and you will be hooked to it.

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yellow eye pencil colours

If you are in the mood for a total experiment, then go for yellow. This beauty will not only add colour to your eyes but will also brighten them up. However, be very careful as this shade can go wrong very easily.

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white eye pencil colours

If you are a fan of minimalistic fashion, then don’t look elsewhere and just turn to the colour white. Whether you opt for a simple look or an OTT look, this colour is the best for you. 

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