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Expert Suggests How To Hide Dark Circles Using Makeup

Dark circles are one of the universal beauty issues that the majority of ladies go through. Read on to know the ways to hide them.
Published -06 Oct 2021, 11:23 ISTUpdated -13 Dec 2021, 17:38 IST
makeup hide dark circles main

Dark circles are one of the universal beauty issues that the majority of ladies go through! They can appear due to lack of sleep, sun exposure or could also be genetic in nature. 

However, hiding these bad boys can be tricky if you do not pick the correct shades to correct and conceal them! Thus, it's vital to follow a few makeup techniques to camouflage them completely. Try the makeup mentioned below by Mrs. Damini Chaturvedi, Makeup Artist for best results. 

De-Puffing The Eye area 

In order to depuff the eye area, you can use a set of cooling under-eye gel or sheet masks is a great tip to begin the makeup! 

Prep The Skin

eyecream makeup hide dark circles

The next step is to prep the skin. The face should be cleaned and well moisturised followed by an under eye cream. 

Colour Correct The Dark Circles 

graphic makeup hide dark circles

Mrs. Damini Chaturvedi says, “Colour correct the dark circles using the correct shade of the corrector. Dark circles normally are blue or grey in shade. To correct them, you need to pick a shade that is opposite to them in the colour wheel. Usually, for the Indian skin tone, the colour that's widely used is either peach or orange (depending upon the intensity).”

Correct Shade Of The Concealer

Once the colour corrector is applied in the concerned areas, the next important step is to pick the correct shade of the concealer.  Ideally, it's best to choose a shade or two darker than your skin tone to hide the problem area or else a lighter shade would further highlight the darkness of the eyes.

Blend The Concealer

concealer makeup hide dark circles

The concealer should then be placed and blended on the areas where the orange corrector has been applied. 

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Foundation Of The Same Shade

One can then apply a foundation that is the same shade or a shade lighter than the skin tone and blend it over the face and the neck area. 

Highlight The Under-Eye Area

If you feel that your under-eye still looks dull, you can highlight the area using a concealer that is a tone or two lighter than your skin tone.

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Use Loose Powder

powder makeup hide dark circles

Mrs. Damini Chaturvedi also says, “The last step which you absolutely need to follow is to set your under-eye area using a layer of loose powder to lock in the layers of products that have been used to conceal the problem areas.”


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