HZ Tried & Tested: Clovia Botaniqa Orange Body Wash Detailed Review

I started using this orange body wash from Clovia Botaniqa recently. Is is worth buying? Read my review.

Tanya Malik
clovia botaniqa orange body wash review

Every summer season, I upgrade my shower closet with refreshing, cooling soap bars, body lotions, and washes. After all, the hot and humid weather demands it all! To keep active all day long, you need that one body wash that instantly freshens you up on a dull Sunday morning and keeps your skin hydrated through the day. This time, I tried my hands on this orange body wash from Clovia Botaniqa. Did it work for me? Read my detailed review below.


clovia body wash summer

  • Improves skin texture - Oranges are highly rich in citric acid, this body wash aids in skin exfoliation and helps to dry out acne, improving the overall look of your skin.
  • Evens out skin complexion - Takes care of tanning, blackheads and gives fair and radiant skin.
  • Absorbs excess oil - The body wash absorbs dirt and oil, thus, removing dullness and tiredness from the skin.
  • Key Ingredients

    • Orange
    • Basil
    • Lemon
    • Neem
    • Grapeseed
    • Turmeric


    This body wash comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with all the product details marked in golden.


    INR 350 For 200 ML


    clovia body wash

    The fragrance of this body wash is just what the name suggests, it is quite orangy! It is a plus if you like the refreshing fragrance of oranges. The texture of this body wash is more on the thicker side, gel-like.

    My Experience

    I am sure a lot of you have started to upgrade your beauty closets with natural products or products which are enriched with natural ingredients. Well, that's because as consumers we are a lot more awake today.

    So, if you are hunting for a body wash that is loaded with natural ingredients then this one deserves your attention. Clovia's Botaniqa orange body wash has ingredients like orange, lemon, basil, neem, and turmeric which are all great for our skin.

    clovia wash orange

    I have been using this body wash for a while now and can say that it is just perfect for this hot season. It refreshes your body instantly and keeps your skin hydrated, which is much required during this weather. I enjoy the orangy fragrance of the body wash which stays on for a good amount of hours. If you like the fragrance of oranges then this one is a must-buy because the orangy fragrance stays with you for long. However, those who do not enjoy fruity fragrances might not enjoy using this body wash.

    Also, you don't need a lot of quantity of this body wash which makes it quite affordable as compared to similar body washes available in the market.

    Overall, I am really enjoying using this orange body wash. My skin feels fresh and non-sticky, even on a hot summer day.

    How To Use?

    Take a dollop of hand wash and work up a lather on your wet body. Rinse off with water.

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    • Vegan
    • Loaded with natural ingredients
    • No sulphate and paraben
    • No toxins
    • No harmful chemicals
    • Long lasting fragarance
    • Instant freshness


    • Those who don't enjoy fruity fragrances might not like using this one


    Overall, I really enjoyed using this body wash. Love the refreshing, orangy fragrance of the body wash, it keeps me energetic and fragrant all day long. Money-wise too, this orange body wash is fairly priced for its quantity. A little amount goes a long way!

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